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Beautiful & Unique Custom Cakes for Weddings & Events.

Your choice in wedding cake design makes a statement about your personality and sense of style. It should reflect you and your good taste. You may choose a sophisticated elegant look. Or show your playfulness and sense of humor as in the case of "whimsical" styles. It should also fit well with the location, the decorating, and ambience which you have created for your reception.

Our reputation, experience, and techniques enable us to create the perfect cake for you. We specialize in the latest techniques using "rolled fondant", which gives you the smooth porcelain like finish so popular today. Choose from simple designs, to elaborate multi-tiered masterpieces.


Consultations are by apointment only Tuesday-Saturday

Please Call: 801-571-1620




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Regions serviced: Salt Lake City

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Seriously amazing cake! SOOOOOO delicious! And beautiful. We gave her a picture of what we wanted, and she created it exactly. Everything you could want out of a wedding cake. And she was really easy to work with.

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Profile Picture Elise, 12/21/17, 5 Reviews
Category: Wedding Cake
Services Used: Consultations, Custom Design, Delivery, Setup, Private Tastings, Cakes, Local, Cake Stands

I scheduled a time to meet with her for a consultation and we agreed on a day and time. When we arrived all the doors were open but she wasn't there. We called around 6 times and rang the doorbell more than that. I even sent a couple of emails. We hung around for about 20 minutes before leaving. 24 hrs later and I still haven't gotten a response to any of it. I found it very rude that she didn't even tell me she had cancelled the appointment since we drove all the way there, and I didn't even get the decency of a response to why we were "stood up".

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Profile Picture Amelia, 8/12/17, 2 Reviews
Category: Wedding Cake

Carrie’s Cakes was an absolute joy to work with. She did a great job of staying within our budget while simultaneously creating the wedding cake of our dreams. We were very particular in the details of our cake and she did a perfect job of taking our ideas and turning them into a reality. The cake arrived on our wedding day and we were absolutely ecstatic with how it turned out. Not to mention the guests completely devoured the unique hibiscus flavor we chose! Thank you so much Carrie!

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Profile Picture Angie, 5/29/17, 3 Reviews
Category: Wedding Cake

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Wedding Cakes Pricing
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Fondant Starting Price (Per Slice, Without Tax)
Starting from $3.00
Cake Prices Include:
Top Tier of the Cake
Cupcakes (Each, Without Tax)
Starting from $3.00
Prices Include:
Custom Cake Design
Tasting - Private

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Professional Network & Endorsements

The Carrie's Cakes team are true artists and the cakes and confections they create are STUNNING. I can always tell if a Carrie's Cake is at an event of mine because the design, quality, and finished product is truly remarkable - plus the cake is DELICIOUS! Whether you are looking for a simply gorgeous cake or an over-the-top piece of sugar artistry, Carrie's Cakes will make you the cake of your dreams!

Most beautiful cakes! Love Carries Cakes and I always recommend them to my brides.

Recently I was at a tasting function for media and I saw the most gorgeous wedding cake. I wasn't surprised that it was one of Carrie's. The samples were to die for. It turns out that the lady next to us got married about a year ago and commented, "this tastes as good as my wedding cake". Only to find out Carrie made her cake as well! What a small world. You should trust her to make your cake. Your eyes and stomach will thank you.

Carrie's Cakes has made many beautiful cakes for the weddings I have photographed. Not only are they elegant, but they are delicious. Amy Bennion Photography amybennion.com

I have had the pleasure to perform many weddings where Carries Cakes provided the Wedding Cake. This is not just a cake by any means. Carries Cakes are always created with the talent of a true artisan. The creative design is always complimentary and a beautiful feature to the theme of the Wedding. I love her work.


1454 E. Ridgemark Dr., Sandy, UT 84092   See On Map
801-571-1620 (phone)