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Remarkable Images . . . Ridiculous Fun!

Our signature look is fresh and modern with a unique contemporary edge. We strive to create stunning imagery with influences from our award-winning commercial, editorial, and fashion work. Modern couples desire a diverse photographic record of their day and we aim to deliver. We focus not only on the images we produce but perhaps more importantly on the experience we deliver. Our commitment is to bring an upbeat, positive, and lighthearted personality to your day. We want to be a delightful addition to your wedding day experience. Our mantra is . . . “Remarkable Images . . . Ridiculous Fun” . . . and we mean it!

We also offer a refreshing, simple business approach. The primary objective of our pricing model is to radically simplify and demystify the process of hiring a professional photographer (hopefully me!) for your wedding. The standard approach is to attract you with seemingly low “package” prices only to then continually up-charge you for additional services and products and hold your images hostage in the hopes of selling you albums and prints at exorbitant markups. WE DO NOT subscribe to these methods!

Instead, we simply seek to obtain a fair fee for the quality of our work and the experience and services we deliver, while allowing you to understand your ENTIRE investment right up front. There are no surprises or up-charges down the road . . . period! I want you to have your images, share them with friends and family, and print them to your heart’s delight. All prints and albums I provide for you are at my wholesale lab cost . . . no markup whatsoever!

Part of my simplification strategy is to eliminate the notion of “packages” altogether. Instead, we offer a flat-rate approach that is designed to include everything that we have found nearly all of our couples ultimately desire.

We commission only 10-12 weddings per year and seek to work with couples for whom photography is an important element of their day, who love our work, who are clearly in love with each other, and who’s wedding and reception promise to be fun and unique in some way. Those elements set the stage for us to tell your unique story in stunning imagery while having a ridiculously good time in the process!

We hope that you find this approach refreshing, honest, and fair. Assuming you do, we would love to meet with you in person to insure that we have a great connection, show you our work and albums up close, and answer any additional questions you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Bryan Allen


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Our wedding was spontaneous, crazy, different, and beautiful. I thought it would be nearly impossible to convey all of these descriptions without being a part of them. However, Bryan Allen not only did that, he went above and beyond our expectations when it came to the quality and brilliance of his photos. Not only did he follow us to a theme park to capture engagement photos, risk "losing his lunch" to get a shot on an amusement ride, but he managed to make the whole process seem effortless to us. He captured the personalities of what seems like every attendee at the wedding, and each picture seemed to emit a separate emotion. Not that he needs our recommendation, the pictures speak for themselves, but we can't not stress enough Bryan's professionalism, skill, and ability to turn our amazing day, into an amazing memory that we will forever cherish.

Profile Picture Terry, 5/21/16, 1 Review
Category: Photography

There is a lot that goes into a wedding. In our case, as I imagine is true with most people's, this was the best day of our lives and made all the planning, stress and nerves worth it. In our planning we knew we didn't want to skimp on the photography - we tend to party hard and there was a significant chance that photos may be the only form of recollection we could salvage. So, knowing we wanted the best, we went with Bryan Allen. I can absolutely say that we were blown away by his photography - everything from his direction to his vision and confidence as well as his efficiency gave us sheer joy on the actual day. He is an unbelievable person and artist and having the opportunity to work so closely with him was a pleasure. But the real pleasure was the final product we received. The pictures are the epitome of perfection, not because it was our wedding or because we're an overly photogenic couple, but entirely because of his artistic eye and ability to capture the intricate, little details and expressions that made the day what it was to us. Bottom line: Bryan is the best. He knows how to capture the most meaningful pictures and his uncanny ability to bring so much emotion out of his photos is unparalleled. We are beyond pleased with our investment and would absolutely recommend Bryan Allen to all of our friends, family and anyone looking to truly capture the magic of their special day.

Profile Picture Carly, 12/12/15, 6 Reviews
Category: Photography

Let me start off by saying Bryan not only captures the special moments, but he also captures emotions. I'm not sure how you do that, but he can through his cameras. Bryan did our engagement photos and our wedding. I cannot believe he only has one review on here so far, but let me tell you how famous he actually is in Knoxville. Just look up his website Bryan Allen Photo. He is incredible and the pictures are all ours after the wedding. That's right... He gives them all to you- not just the ones you buy. Tell me the kind of value that brings to a brilliant photographer and to your scrapbook. He is intelligent, kind, professional, timely, and the people I've seen work with him just drool over the chance. I know that sounds obnoxious but I just want you to see how awesome he is and how perfect your pictures will be if you have him. These are so important because the day flashes by and you will not see all the things that it was without his pictures to relive it by. I am so so happy we had him. He is so funny and flexible. I asked him to do a specific shot with my wedding party and guests and he captured it despite the logistical nightmare it was- no complaints or questions! He's amazing and captured both the girls and guys getting ready- he had assistants- and he didn't charge by the hour- we had him all day, and he worked his ass off. Excuse my French, but it's true. He made great suggestions, was prepared, and adapted on the fly. You need him.

Profile Picture Ashley, 9/20/14, 5 Reviews
Category: Photography

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Uncomparably creative! We love working with Bryan Allen Photography and highly recommend this talented professional! He is not only a genius with a camera, but he has a great personality as well. He is so incredibly easy to work with, which makes all the difference in the world. His work never fails to impress. You truly cannot go wrong with Bryan Allen Photography!

Anyone can just take a picture; Bryan Allen, on the other hand, is one of the most dynamic, creative and talented photographers to have shot events at the Capitol Theatre. His images come alive. You will find that this highly talented photographer will beautifully capture the most precious and memorable moments of your wedding, engagement photos and later your family photos. Bryan Allen's services are stellar.


1740 Commons Point Drive, Building 1, Knoxville, TN 37932   See On Map
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