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High-style designs at prices to fit any budget.

Lisa Foster has been in the floral industry over 20 years, bringing priceless experience and high-quality customer service to Lisa Foster Floral Design.   After years managing a floral shop icon in Knoxville, her dream was finally realized in 2004 when she opened her own full-service floral design studio, specializing in weddings.

In 2008, Lisa and her team of experienced designers made the dreams of over 128 brides come true.  After that, it was official - Lisa had outgrown her home studio.  In April 2009, the grand opening of Lisa Foster Floral Design at 6622 Kingston Pike in the Bearden Station Shopping Center became the newest reality in Lisa's growing business. In 2017, with LFFD's continued success they needed a bigger space! Lisa and her team moved to 207 N. Seven Oaks Drive in the Windsor Square Shopping Center.

Lisa believes every bride should be able to afford a beautiful wedding no matter what their budget is.  Come by, meet Lisa and our incredible team of designers and start making your wedding dreams a reality today!

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Regions serviced: Knoxville

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I had my consultation with Lisa on March 7th. I knew before the end of my appointment that I was going to choose her to do my wedding. She was a blast to work with!! I am so excited to see my flowers on my wedding day! She will work with any budget and help you cut costs if needed. I cannot wait to see my bouquet and my bridesmaids on my wedding day! I will probably write another review and upload pictures after my big day! :)

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Profile Picture Stefanie, 10/6/18, 1 Review
Category: Flowers
Services Used: Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Flower Petals, Single Flowers

I cannot brag on Lisa and her team enough. From the taking my online examples to phone calls (we are out of state) to amazing service day of. My flowers were stunning. They had so many more options at a lower price than other florists in the area. We doubled our bridal bouquets as centerpieces (we all had to travel) but their centerpieces are phenomenal

Photo of Lisa Foster Floral Design in Knoxville, TN - Bridesmaids
Photo of Lisa Foster Floral Design in Knoxville, TN - Toss bouquet
Photo of Lisa Foster Floral Design in Knoxville, TN - Female ushers had wristlets
Photo of Lisa Foster Floral Design in Knoxville, TN - Groomsmen
Photo of Lisa Foster Floral Design in Knoxville, TN - Flower crowns for flower girls
Photo of Lisa Foster Floral Design in Knoxville, TN - Grooms matched the bridal
Photo of Lisa Foster Floral Design in Knoxville, TN - Bridal bouquet
Photo of Lisa Foster Floral Design in Knoxville, TN - Entire party
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Profile Picture Whitney, 8/11/18, 4 Reviews
Category: Flowers
Services Used: Delivery, Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Corsages, Single Flowers

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1 Wedding Deal & Discount

1489694074 3be4c42cb787b6f6 1489679583599 texturephotoapril2016baker2 135 copy

Free Toss Bouquet!

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When you book your wedding with us, receive a FREE Toss Bouquet (up to $35.00) when you mention this promotion!

Professional Network & Endorsements

Lisa Foster does such an incredible job! Everyone there is super friendly and personable, plus they have an amazing eye for design. They are a so great to work with and do a beautiful job.

The most beautiful flower arrangements and floral crowns I've ever seen were created by Lisa Foster Floral Design. I'd never even paid attention to floral crowns before but I've been converted!

Lisa Foster and her team can make any of your wedding floral ideas happen! They are awesome to work with and make deliveries or picks up a breeze. You won't have to worry about a thing!

Lisa Foster has provided flowers for several of our 2016 weddings. We absolutely loved working with them and the flowers were beyond gorgeous! We highly recommend Lisa Foster Floral Design!

Lisa and her team are just fantastic. Every bride that I have ever had that used them for their flowers have been more than pleased. Lisa wants her brides to be happy. If a bride already has ideas on what she wants, Lisa works with her to make it happen. If a bride has no idea where to begin, Lisa helps give her a good starting point and keeps the process from being overwhelming. I have worked with brides with a variety of budgets, and Lisa has been able to make all of them happy and the flowers have always been stunning!!!



207 N. Seven Oaks Drive , Knoxville, TN 37922   See On Map
865-951-0660 (phone) 865-951-0631 (fax)
Mon. - Fri.: 9-5 Sat.: 9-4 closed Sunday
Lisa Foster Floral Design is a wedding florist from Knoxville, TN servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Knoxville , Sevierville, and Chattanooga . Lisa Foster Floral Design is a professional florist that has been part of the Knoxville wedding industry since 2004 specializing in wedding flowers, funeral flowers, everyday flowers, birthdays and anniversary flowers.