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We loved working with Emily from Boutique Events! My husband and I hosted our wedding reception at Gertrudes at the BMA. Emily worked with us from start to finish responding to our questions along the way with a high degree of responsiveness and professionalism. We used her preferred list of vendors and loved them all! The whole day was a success, and we can attribute much of that to Emily's hard work and attention to detail!

Profile Picture Maggie, 5/6/17, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

We couldn't have had such a perfect day without all of the help of Emily and Elana. I felt more relaxed the day I met with them for the first time. The wedding was at the Mt. Washington Dye House which is beautiful but several different venders have to be brought in. Emily was on top of every detail and always responsive to my questions and concerns. I would recommend Boutique Events without any hesitation.
Jane Mace

Profile Picture Jane, 7/9/16, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

Boutique Events helped us get hitched without a hitch! Very helpful and eased the stress of the day.

Profile Picture User7005013, 2+ years ago, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

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Emily and her team make the planning stages so much less stressful for clients, making the transition from vision to reality a breeze. Book Boutique Events today!

Jean and Emily are wonderful to work with, keeping everyone on track before, during and after the event. Booking Boutique is one of the easiest decisions you can make.

Jean and Emily are amazing and we love working with them! We do weddings with a lot of planners and designers in the area and they are true standouts - extremely talented, friendly, and professional. Highly recommend! - Rev. Laura C. Cannon, Owner

Any event that we have done with Boutique Events has always been one to remember. Not only for it's unique beauty, but for the personal attention that they give to their clients.

The Jean and Emily team are awesome, so professional and gracious. Their design work is beautiful and not a detail is ever missed when you work with them. It has always been my pleasure to work with Boutique Events!



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