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A Little Bird Photography by Jamie Lynn

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Captivating Imagery For Life's Special Moments!

We are so excited and honored that you stopped by our page!  We would be thrilled to meet up for coffee and get to know you and your love story.  The words that describe us are genuine, vibrant, storytellers.  As wedding photographers these are the words that inspire, define and portray us.  This is who we are and how we document your story.

Our wedding day was the happiest, most beautiful and exciting day of our lives!  We cherish the fact that we get to look through our wedding photos and relive our favorite day.  Investing in a photographer was our best wedding decision.  Our priority as wedding photographers is to provide you with a quality experience and quality images in order to make your wedding day beyond amazing!

Being a husband and wife photography team has allowed us to relate and connect with our couples in such a special way.  We love meeting new people and hearing their unique love stories.  Knowing how they met, their favorite date, where they are going on the honeymoon, etc. gives us the insight to capture their wedding day in a genuine and personal way.

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Regions serviced: Philadelphia

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22 Reviews for A Little Bird Photography by Jamie Lynn

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A Little Bird were the only photographers that we met with because we knew immediately they would be perfect! Jamie and Tom were an absolute dream to work with for our September wedding! They made my fiancé comfortable and they completely "got" who we are. During the ceremony and reception they seemed to be everywhere and nowhere at once! We have incredible pictures from the whole night but they were never intrusive. The whole package we got was perfect for us. Jamie designs the album and then we can suggest edits; a perfect situation because we would be overwhelmed designing everything ourselves! I've already recommended A Little Bird to friends who are getting married in the near future! Thank you so much Jamie and Tom, you guys are the BEST!!

Profile Picture Jennifer, 9/30/17, 2 Reviews
Category: Photography

Everything about working with Jamie and Tom was amazing. Jamie was quick to respond from the start. I messaged her asking for prices for wedding packages and she got back to me within the hour. We set up a meeting time to go over their packages and I knew from the minute I met them that they would be taking the pictures on our wedding day. I am not one to make decisions easily, but this one I was sure about. Their work is beautiful and the passion and love that they have for this job is obvious. I remember being nervous for our engagement session because I am not much of a “camera” person, but they made everything flow so smoothly and we both felt so comfortable! The pictures of course came out gorgeous and we received all of our photos very quickly. After seeing all of the beautiful photos, I could hardly wait for the wedding. Throughout the entire next year, Jamie seemed just as excited as we were about our big day, and that meant so much to the both of us. She was always easy to contact and was more than willing to help with any planning needed. We met before the wedding to go over planning and the timeline. I will say, she absolutely made the day flow smoother than I could have imagined. Our wedding pictures are everything I hoped for and more, thanks to Jamie and Tom!

Profile Picture Jackie, 8/20/17, 2 Reviews
Category: Photography

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A Little Bird Photography by Jamie Lynn is a wedding photographer from Philadelphia servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Bucks County, Chester County, and Montgomery County. A Little Bird Photography by Jamie Lynn is a professional wedding photographer that has been part of the Philadelphia wedding industry since 2013 specializing in weddings, engagements and lifestyle photography.