What is the average cost for decorations???
Was asked a question that me and my fiance' are stuck asking ourselves how much do we want to spend on decor for the church and reception out of our budget...Need advice what is the average cost for decorations?

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Depends on what you want and where you're shopping. For example, fresh flowers are amazing and less expensive than silk, but you'll still be paying a few hundred for the bare minimum, and it'll all just be thrown away. We decided on silk so we can decorate our house after the wedding :)

How big is your budget? If it's only a few thousand (less than $6K), I'd look into hand-me-downs from recent family weddings especially if you want clear lights and greenery. Hit sales (Hobby Lobby always has something 50% off, including floral and wedding supplies!) and take advantage of seasonal clearances.

Basic rule-of-thumb: decorations can be pieced together as you go. Keeping the wedding budget low (and utilizing resources!) means you have more money to start your life together. Congrats and good luck! :)

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Mine were free. We got married on the dance floor of the hall and had cocktail hour right after. So, we just used the hall's free centerpieces as decorations. I guess I spent a little money. 1000 silk petals on ebay for under $5. And we paid $150 for a backdrop to hide the head table so we would have a nice background for the altar.

It is all what you can afford and what is important to you. I wasn't about to spend 2K on centerpieces that would die. I rather use that money to go on a honeymoon.

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It depends on what you do and what you want. You can have fabulous decorations for much cheaper than you think. You just have to be a bargain seeker and a bit crafty. The only decorations we are not doing on our own is our uplighting and chair covers. We got really good deals on both of those from vendors. I am DIYing all of our centerpieces, place settings, cake table decorations, head table decorations, and flowers. I have bought almost everything from Hobby Lobby during a 50% off sale or on Ebay. Check craigslist or thrift stores for good deals too. I am renting my chair covers from a lady who rents them out of her house for $1.25 a piece, when my venue rents them out for $3.50. It can be done!

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There isn't really an "average". I didn't need any ceremony decorations and I spent around $400 for my reception (including the flowers for my wedding party) because I made everything myself.

You need to figure out what you want for decor, how much it will cost and you can adjust it if its too expensive

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My ceremony is outside, so I didn't really decorate for it. I only made aisle "bumpers" (I think they are called) of fall leaves and some purple flowers, which cost me about $12.

For the reception, my centerpieces are also my favors, which are about $1 each. I'm using the site's mirrors to place them on. I bought strands of purple lights ($35), eggplant tulle ($20) and some random fall deco when it went on clearance for the head table ($10). We also have one of those inflatable star things that we are using in the decorations (free).

We plan on getting a disco ball and 1 or 2 of those neat laser light things for our dance floor. We hired a band, so they don't have their own light stuff....the disco ball that we want is like $100, and the laser lights run about $40-80 depending.

Really, decorations can be as cheap or expensive as you want!

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Usually its 10-20% of your total budget.

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Our will be outside so not planning on much, I love the just some lantern balls? To hang over the tables ? still decidint, & then decorations for the arch
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