what flower looks good with a gerbera daisy?
Just looking for some opinions and suggestions. I was trying to find something that might look good with a gerbera daisy so that I don't have just one type of flower besides the groomsmen rose boutinieres. Sample colors are on my inspiration board.

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roses look good I am using those same flowers for my girls' bouquets and the girl put in these really tiny roses to go along with it. It looked really nice!

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I totally forgot about mini roses! that would be great so that they don't compete with the gerberas.

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Hi Cathasach :) I gave this site to Carmen yesterday and she loved it, it shows pictures of all kinds of flowers and tells you about them, maybe you can get some ideas :)

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I am using White grizzly Gerbera daises and Pink mini Kimsley gerberas for my wedding. As accents with I'm using bear grass. With my bouquet and my fiance's bout I am using the berbera daises mentioned above but with some stephanopsis flowers and bear grass, and my flowers are going to have some diamond pins pushed into the stephanopsis.
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Roses are beautiful with Gerberas are beautiful with roses. Gerbera's also come in two sizes the regular size that you are used to and a mini version as well. @Mere that is going to be gorgeous with the bear grass.

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