What colors would look good with a salmon pinky color?
I am interested in a coral salmon pink color for my main color for dresses and flowers. I was wondering what other colors would look good with this color. My wedding is an August evening wedding. My hall has alot of gold detail, but my dress is all diamond and silver beading. I want to make sure I have a good mix of both and colors so nothing looks out of place. Any ideas are appreciated, thank you!

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brown..... super pretty

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silver and a sage (light mint) green.

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I agree w/ Heidi.. light mint green and coral pink go really good together IMO.


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http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c31/chrissymarie98/The Perfect Palette/coralappleblack.jpg?t=1248878978
I like light green also.

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Hey girls, thank you for the responses. I will check out my bridal store and look at some swatches together. I'll have to update you with what I end up picking :) good luck with everything!
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Salmon and gray work SO well together! Or black/white & salmon! You'll love it!

Loren Routhier
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Hi Bride,
I've shot several weddings where they used this cute pink/salmon color and they pair it with tan. Its looks beautiful. And in August that could be a great light color in the warm weather. Hope this helps:)

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dont know how well this pinky color works for you, but orange and yellow work well.

the teal works too

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i really love chocolate brown!

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I think either the teal or a sage will look good!

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Navy blue and white also look great!

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I always pair my pretty salmon sweater with Brown or Navy. Love the combos

Because I Said So
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chocolate might look good but silver would also, like a deep charcoal. that's the color I'm using for my bridesmaids' dresses because the other color I'm using (juniper) is too hard to match other things too. I'll have a little teal here and there but not a ton of it all around. If I were you I'd use a more muted color like silver or brown as the main color and coral as the accent color because those girls may not be able to or want to wear coral dresses another time.

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lots of great ideas here! I didn't expect such an outcome of answers :) thanks for the help!

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