What are your pew markers?
I am having almost no decoration in the church since it has a beautiful full glass wall where you can see the forest behind it. Besides I'm not too good at decorating and would just rather leave it simple! But I do think I need to do something to mark and reserve the family rows. I thought about doing something like the pews cones below, but I want to see what you all are doing for your pews and if you have any ideas for me I would gladly except them :)


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I am doin pew cones on several of the pews and handmade reserved signs on the first two pews on each side. I havent made them just yet.... I was just actually working on the, but I'll have to take some pictures when I get home.

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That sounds awesome! I would love to see some pictures!

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Kissing balls.

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I am doing moss wreaths for my daughter's wedding. Instead of these, they will be round.

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