Wedding Party Entrance Ideas!!
I want to do something fun and creative for the entrances of the wedding party and myself and my groom. Any fun ideas?

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Are you talking about the Grand Entrance into the reception, or the entrance walking up the aisle, like in the popular YouTube video?

We recently did a wedding where the groom was a basketball player by profession. He had us introduce his wedding party like the NBA announces the starting lineup. It was kind of fun!

Maybe you can think of something you're "into" like that, and incorporate it.

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I was actually talking about the Grand Entrance into the reception. Although I saw that youtube video and think its the best idea ever!! haha

Ya I have been to a wedding where they did a hockey theme like that also. Neither of us are ito any sports though. Ughhh choices choices choices.

Thanks for the reply :)

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YouTube has some great videos of wedding entrances. Search on there. You might be able to come up with something from that.

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Our DJ has been doing weddings for 11 years and that is all he does. He is a great MC and what he did was asked us for personal information on our wedding party how long we have known them, how we know them etc... then asked for a funny story to tell about them. He puts it all together then he will share with the guests all of the information including the funny story upon their entrance.

I thought it was cool.

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Definitely check out some of the videos on YouTube for some ideas. (We got some ideas for our wedding party dance off of YouTube).

We haven't figured out what we are doing quite yet for our entrance, we are tossing around a couple of is:

- We have connections to a recent-former drum major from the OSU Marching Band aka TBDBTL...(Go Bucks! for those OSU fans!) and we are thinking about having him lead us in.
- Or, if we can't get that worked out for whatever reason we might walk in to "Crazy in Love" by Beyonce or "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas.

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Without knowing your music style, I can only throw this out there... what about using the song "Gimme All Your Lovin'" by ZZ Top and have the wedding party wear sunglasses?

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Well, this may sound crazy, and it is a surprise to my groom...but lets see. We are entering to Metallica's "Enter Sandman", just the intro. It's super dramatic on it's own, however, my bff is a total guitar prodigy, so the surprise to my FH is that we will be played in by my bff on the electric guitar (think busting through the bouble dorrs on a guitar solo)! FH is a HUGE fan, so it should be fun and totally different. Then once we make it to the table, they will bring out his metallica themed grooms cake! I know he will love it. :) It's something just for him among all the frills and lace and flowers, and it will definately wow the guests!

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My fiance is a corrections officer and a closet Elvis fan (I think it's the sideburns) so we're coming in to "Jail House Rock." He even asked me to make up a jive for us to do to the song. I'm thinking that'll be hard to do in my dress, so I might get a second dress (I found one that looks like the Marilyn Monroe dress that would be perfect) and then we can do the dance later in the reception (I want to wear my wedding dress for the formal shots of the reception at least). But we might still walk into that song just because. Or we could do "Bad boys" or "Mrs. Officer" for the entrance and save Elvis for the dance.

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My FH is works as a locomotive machinest & loves all things "train" so our wedding party is walking into "Crazy Train" by Ozzy O.. It should be really funny because the crowd is going to go crazy when Ozzy screams all aboard!! Especially his buddies from work!!

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i know for my wedding me and my best man and groomsmen are entering to the "mission impossible" theme song. and my bride is a huge lion king fan and my last name is king so she is entering to "i just cant wait to be king". we are exiting to the star wars death march

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Any ideas on a country music themed entrance? My FH loves country music. Has anyone ever done a line dance entrance?

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Thsi is what we did for our wedding last summer and the reacting was amazing...! People are still talking about it...!!!

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We entered our wedding reception entrance on a luggage cart to the tune of "My Heart Will Go On" from the Titanic movie. Enjoy
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