Wedding night attire ( Sexy pics disclosed)
I had to order this little # for our wedding night. Sorry that's not the best pic, but you get the idea.

What are you wearing on your special night ?

Married: 10/27/2012
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Married: 10/19/2012
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I love how it has the veil on it. Sexy!

Married: 09/20/2013
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Very sexy!

Married: 07/21/2012
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Jun 01, 2012 at 8:24 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
That is sexy! Where'd you get it from?
I haven't even though about what I'll wear the night of....

Married: 04/01/2012
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Jun 01, 2012 at 8:24 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
Very sexy! As for us... we hung out with friends and then slept! I think you'll find most of the brides and grooms end up crashing because the wedding day is really really tiring. lol of course, the next's on like donkey-kong!

Married: 10/27/2012
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Now I have to find my "come get me shoes" to go with .

It's by "Claire Pettibone Heirloom Collection"

Wedding: [Private]
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That is a hot outfit!

Married: 03/19/2013
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@Sharron.....on like donkey-kong made me laugh out loud!!

@Harlem...that is beautiful...

I have not even thought about wedding night attire....maybe I should just in case "it's on like donkey-kong" that night **yes, I will forever refer to fun in the bedroom as "on like donkey-kong" now ** =)

Married: 06/29/2013
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I haven't decided yet, VS has a lot of very sexy things. I love the "its on like donkeu kong" that was great!

Married: 04/28/2012
Jun 01, 2012 at 8:56 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
Oooooooh, Claire Pettibone is sooooo girly and pretty.....I absolutely love that.

lmao Sharron! She's right ladies! We ended our wedding night soaking our feet in the tub with our wedding clothes still on and eating leftover pizza/salad from the late night snack. Then it took us both about 30 minutes to get all the bobby pins out of my hair and for H to unbutton the back of my dress, and then we basically passed the eff out.

Married: 07/15/2012
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My attire is white panties and my veil. Nothing else.. It looks amazing haha

Married: 10/18/2014
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owe, this is super hot!!!! but also looks very innocent lol love this outfit!!! good choice.

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OMG that is so beautiful. It's like sexy & vintage almost. Love it!

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I bought this little thing from Victoria's Secret. Wore it all of 10 minutes. ;-)

I'm so thankful our wedding was NOT exhausting and we had a really great night at our hotel room with a couple of bottles of champagne...

Married: 09/08/2012
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SEXY!!!! I need to go shopping!

Married: 05/05/2012
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Jun 01, 2012 at 11:49 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
That is freakin' awesome!!!!

Married: 03/10/2013
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Jun 01, 2012 at 11:58 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
Very nice, I haven't gotten anything yet but it will be awesome!

But according to how the other brides ended their day, comfortable enough to sleep in, just in case;)

Married: 11/17/2012
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Very pretty! I, of course, will be shopping for a plus-size outfit to wear that night, and he'd better not pass out. We'd better be getting it on like donkey kong considering he is doing the abstinence thing now!

Married: 09/14/2012
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I just ordered this and got it in the mail last week from VS. We're staying at a cottage house w/our bridal party, our parents and our 2 sons on our wedding night.... hopefully~ we can still have some, ahem- *fun and not be too worried about the other ppl in the house. :) It's not like we've never had to *keep* it quiet for the sake of our kids and stuff though, lol. Sorry if it's t.m.i.

Married: 09/22/2012
Jun 02, 2012 at 8:53 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
I've been stressing over this...... I know i will be drunk when all is said and done...... so will I just pass out? I found the outfit I want, it's not as soft as all you ladies', it's a black leather corset, tall boots you know dominatrix style, but it's also real leather and costs a fortune, if we pass out before I get it on, then it's a waste. Might have to look for something a little cheaper and softer so if I crash, it's not such a huge waste.

Married: 03/19/2013
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I'm thinking about this one..

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