Wedding cake heights
How tall is a average wedding cake. My baker told me it would be 18inch tall. I just think that is way to little. Am I right or crazy.

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I think your baker meant that the average tier is 18 inches which would be correct

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My cake is 3 tiers, a 6,10,12 and i think each tier is about 6" tall so that seems about right... depends how many people and if you're going to do a HUGE cake or a small cake, also maybe your going to put lifts between tiers?

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I make wedding cakes as a little hobby and yes, 18" is about right. Each layer of the cake is about 2 inches and when you add the icing between the two layers and around each tier it adds up to about 18" for three tiers. There are pillars that separate cakes to make them taller or you will often see very thick "cake plates" to display them on that add about 3-4 more inches. When you actually see 18" of cake all stacked together on a cake table it's more impressive than you might think.

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I think that adding a big fancy stand under a cake can make it look a lot bigger. I don't know how big your wedding is, but if your cake is enormous and you only have like 60 guests....then what do you do with the extra cake? I tried to order a two tier cake for our reception, and my fiance had a fit, b/c he thinks the cake will look too small. (the cake will feed 100 people - we have 75) So you are not crazy at all!

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We did a 3 tier cake. We have 50 people at the wedding but ordered for 80 mainly because the cake is SOOOOO good. I have had dreams about eating this cake. hahaha. So we have decided right after we cut the cake we are having the top tier automatically boxed up for us so that it doesn't get eaten.

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I make wedding cakes at my job. The AVERAGE height is 3-4 inches tall per tier. It can go up to 6inches.

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Thanks everybody.. I'm going in this Saturday to take a look at a similar cake. I need something to ease my mind.

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That seems about right. You can beef it up by adding pillars in between (And covering those with flowers) and then putting it on a stand. Or we're only having 100 people and doing cupcakes. They take up more room than a stacked cake because they can't be stacked (a stacked cake has most of its slices under other layers. if you were to take those slices out from under the layers, it would get a lot bigger!).

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Most cake tiers are about 4 inches tall. Some can be up to 6 inches tall. So if I make a 3 tier cake it is about 12 inches tall.

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He is right, Because Each of the tier is 6inches each then the total height is 18inches. Don't use a cake above that height..

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That would be about right depending on how many tiers you have. You can always boost it with a nice cake stand. Compare what your baker told you against the "cake tier combinations" calculator on This will give you an idea of the basic height/shape of your cake.
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