unique Ideas for table numbers
I'm looking for unique ideas for table numbers...

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FH and I are taking pictures holding #'s and then framing them!

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We're doing names of places we'll be visiting on our honeymoon

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We're doing postcards from Italy (where we got engaged).

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Well you can name each table after famous couples (i.e. Adam and Eve, Barbie and Ken, etc.), or words that are associated with marriage, or even words that suite your wedding theme.

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Do you have a particular theme for your wedding. My fiance and I are having a Casino Night themed wedding so we are using jumbo sized(4x6) playing cards to number our tables.

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We're both comic book geeks. We're naming the tables after superheroes. Wer'e using a nice script font.

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As we got married in Boston, tables were named after our favorite places... with one exception on DH's side... Kendal Way (DH is a Yankee fan). Our table was named after the town we had our 1st date/got engaged in.

Trendy Tricia

A Thank You Favor
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I love all of the above ideas. You Brides are very creative. LOVE IT

~*Mrs. WFL*~
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We are using script numbers and framing them in antique/vintage frames.... :) SO EXCITED! EEEK!!!! :)
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We can make up your table number cards out of delicious chocolate in full color nd 100% edible. plese visit us at http://www.yoboc.com and view all we do.

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I have a tropical theme so the tables will be named after tropical islands.

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you girls are awesome!! i even fancy myself a creative person -- and i don't knw why i hadn't thought of something different / fun like that for the tables... well, i sort of haven't gotten that far yet -- but . . . so glad i checked out this thread! :O)

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We are doing a paris themed wedding and are doing names of famous monuments in paris and placing them in silver picture frames with pink and turqoise backing.

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I think we are going to do cities around the world we have visited together; have a pic of us at each one there, and name the table the city instead of a number..another idea I've seen is making each table a number, and have a pic of you and DS at that age at the table.

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I was thinking of doing numbers in frames, and then thought about naming the tables after love songs or song titles with "heart" in them. We're having a romantic theme wedding/hearts.

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We're usuing Dr. Seuss as a sub theme (giving Dr. Seuss books as favors) and have tables named and colorfully themed after 10-12 of ur fav Seuss titles ;)

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I was thinking of getting copies of pictures of our grandparents / parents/ siblings/ aunts etc, wedding in the Sepia color and putting them in antique frames. We are having a small wedding sso we wouldn't need alot and naming the tables after them!!
I thought it was a good way to honor the commitment people we love and look up to on our wedding day adding to our vintage theme

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Our theme is ingredients for a successful marriage, so we are doing table names of various "items" and our favor is going to be a re-usable grocery bag with the themes in a word cloud.

You can see the table naming thread here: http://www.weddingwire.com/wedding-forums/table-naming-ingredients-for-good-marriage/cf059fd4ccf79ce3.html

And the favor thread here: http://www.weddingwire.com/wedding-forums/would-you-use-re-useable-grocery-bag-as-favor-pic-update/3010749e74fe1e52.html

It includes a picture of how it may be displayed. Hope that helps.

@Valarie, that is a wonderfully thoughtful and touching idea.
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we are doing wooden table numbers..i did them myself cost about 2 bucks each!! easy!

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We are using numbers with significance. Example:

the day in April the bride and groom met
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