"The Bride is Coming!" bell ringers
Is anyone else having a Bell Ringer annouce the bride is coming? We are not having a flower girl and ring bearer. Instead my 12 year old daughter and her 12 year old friend are coming down the isle ringing the bells and announcing the bride is coming, the bride is coming with a cute "routine". Just wondering if anyone else is doing this?

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that sounds lovely and orginal x

Shannon S.
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Sounds cute! I've also seen kids carrying "Here Comes the Bride" banners.

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wow that sounds lovely It will be so cute

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I've been thinking about that, my friend did it at her wedding, it was very cute but the boy didn't ring any bell, he just came out of nowhere and started yelling "look look look!!! the bride is coming, the bride is coming" he ran down the aisle everyone was laughing 'cause they didn't expect it, it was such a nice surprise

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I love the idea

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Im doing it they are called town criers My oldest son is 7 and we wanted him to have something special
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I saw that on four weddings I loved it!

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I'm going to do this at my wedding also, but I am still having a ring bearer and 2 flower girls and then my 4 year old little cousin will ring the bell and yell "the bride is coming, the bride is coming". I was just going to buy a bell and decorate it myself.

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I am not doing that but it sounds like a fun idea

- we are wedding day twins :D

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I really love this Idea, I just hope the little one I pick don't get scared & just ring the bell

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I have a question I would like Bell ringers as well is there a certain age cut off for bell ringers. My two nieces are the ones I want in it. One of my nieces is 8 and the other 10 and my sister thinks they are too old to do the bell ringing is there an age limit for it?
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