Table Numbers question
So I got the idea from this post few months ago ...

So we will have about 12 tables at our reception, & I am only thinking of doing question / answer but not where they have to find their tables... just basically put the # on their table cards & then at the bottom question...

Example: on the seating card with their name we will have "John Smith, Table 976"
& then when they get to their table will be "976 - Date Irchykk & Mike met, Dec 29, 2009"

Now I am trying to come up with some other questions, do you ladies have any ideas what else I can put?? I know this has to be personalized but I am shooting some blanks.. I have like 3 questions total so far..

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1. first kiss
2. first date
3. favorite song
4. favorite restaurant

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Where did yall meet ? what does he/she likes to do in yall spare time? things like that
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your birthday/ his birthday
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