Sand ceremony reading including parents and bridal party
Hello! My FI and I are doing a sand ceremony that will include our parents, our bridal party and the two of us. I have been searching online and on the boards and cannot find any readings that include anyone other than parents or children. The plan is to have the officiant do a reading, then for our parents to pour sand, the bridal party to all pour small vials of sand, and then the two of us will pour sand.

Does anyone have an ideas on how we can write our bridal party into the reading? Our bridal party consists of siblings and long time friends that have been very important in our lives and relationship.


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I understand the meaning behind the parents pouring however im not understanding the concept for the friends & sibilings..

Did you try speaking with you officiant, he/she may have a ceremony that consisted of that before

Angel J
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I agree. We are doing the sand ceremony too but only me and FH and the pastor representing God. Seems kinda strange to have all of those people involved, just parents or kids i could see, but all of your siblings and close friends too?

Mrs. A. Fernandez
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We are doing a sand ceremony that will include my son(not his) and his son, and daughter. I don't see the significance in added friends, and siblings and stuff. To each his own though.
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“_____ and _____, these containers of sand symbolize your separate lives, your separate families, and your separate circles of friends. Blah, blah, blah and then everyone pours in their sand.
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