resize a ring twice??
My e-ring was too big when I got it (fh knew it would be, but wanted to propose on a specific day). We had the ring re-sized from a 6.75 to a 5.75 and it fit great when we picked it up from the jeweler, we used their little rings to figure out what size to get. Now it feels very loose and it has only been a month. Can/should I get it re-sized again? Will this make the band weak? I am afraid of loosing it, but am not sure what to do?

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Katy, this is probably best discussed with the jeweler you bought you ring from as they will know best. As I understand it wouldn't weaken the band too much but might make your setting loose deepending on the type (I have a tension set center stone so it had to be tightened after being resized cause the diamond was all shaky). If it were me I would wait another month - maybe two - to see how I fair over summer as I know my fingers tend to swell more when the weather is warm.

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i got mine sized twice... the first time it went from like a 6 to a 4 and then it felt too loose now it's a 3.5... i think it depends on the ring too... mine is just a 3 stone with nothing on the band... if you have diamonds on the band then it's harder to resize...
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I've had mine sized at least 3 times in the 11 years I've been married. It was sized when we first got it, then after I had my first baby, then again after I had my second baby.

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Are you going to sotter your rings together? (engagement and wedding band) Because a friend of mine told me that once you sotter and make it a thicker ring it fits tighter. I resized mine to a size 5 and it is still very loose, so I was going to go half a size smaller, but she advised me to just wait because she actually had to get hers sized up when she got them sottered together because it fit more tightly as it was a thicker ring. So I am just going to wait. But I'm pretty sure you can get it sized as many times as you need, but I'm not sure how good it is on the ring.

Mrs. Roberts
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thanks for all reply's. I hadn't decided yet if I was going to have them sottered (sp?) together, but that is good advise R-Lynn. I think I will just wait and know I have the option to re-size it later if need be.

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Soldering... those silent "L's" get me all the time :)

Ive had mine done twice as well :)

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The only way it would really 'weaken' the ring is that if you sized it down TOO much, like from a 7 to a 3 would be way too drastic. It also depends on your setting, some are very specifically made to their proper size, and making them smaller can mess up the setting and make the diamonds fall out (more common with a pave, or channel setting)
So it really depends mostly on your ring, the amount of 'times' doesn't matter as much as how smaller/bigger it's getting. If it's a standard solitaire with nothing else, it shouldn't matter too much.

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I would talk to your jeweler. Even if we dont think it would or wouldn't weaken it, the professional will know more about it because I think a lot of it depends on the ring itself. Is it cold where you live? I got my ring specially made in a 3.5, when i'm warm or first wake up it's fits tighter but when i'm cold it spins, when my hands are wet it's pretty loose but wont come above my nuckle.
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