Purchasing Gifts for Vendors as a Thank You
What are you supposed to buy your vendors? ...is it rude to just tip him/her? I didn't even know about this whole buying your vendor a gift thing until it was mentioned in another post today... HELP!

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MONEY! tips are always appreciated and not expected so any sort of monetary tip will be appreciated by your vendors. If you don't want to give straight cash then stick with gift cards. Amazon's a good option because they can buy whatever they want.

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Tip them, no need for gifts. I think Kimberly's thought of a gift card is a good one. If not Amazon, something like Walmart where they can get gas or anything they may need. We went traditional and did cash.

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UHH, pardon me ladies...I have a question...isnt their gift/tip getting paid to do their job? -----over here tappin my head-----
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You don't need to get your vendors anything. A simple thank you and prompt payment of your bill is all we need. A gratuity, if warranted, is welcome. However it is not required.

I would much rather have a great review for our services than a gift.
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We tipped and gave a great review (For the ones who deserved them), but I would still like to get a little something to show my appreciation, any suggestions?
(Not trying to hijack! Hoping my question might help yours!)

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Tipping is always great. However, my fiance is a vendor. I have done many weddings with him and I can tell you Beth G job or no job vendors work a lot to make your perfect day perfect. They go through a lot to make sure they do a job for you. It is a very noble very awesome profession. If you decide to give a gift to your vendors they will definitely appreciate anything. Gift cards are great and so is a thank you note.

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Please, please read this. I don't have a lot of extra money, especially after helping to host a big wedding. Most of you probably don't either. However, please give a tip proportionate to your satisfaction with the service, just as you would at a restaurant. Wedding photographers and videographers work so, so hard all day long, physically, mentally, and creatively. Yet some clients don't even think to include them in their count for dinner. As mother of the groom at a wedding on Saturday, I had put a great deal of work into finding the right professionals for the wedding, and they gave me their time to understand what I wanted from them before we agreed to work together. The photographer had a second shooter and an assistant; the videographer had a second and third shooter, and he used a drone to capture the exterior of the church. I was blown away. These gifted artists will be getting generous tips without question. So will the floral designer and those who delivered and set up the flowers. So will the wedding coordinator at the church as well as the custodian who, at my request, set up ice water dispensers on the lawn during the ceremony for guests while waiting for the bride and groom to make their exit. The cake designer and baker, the DJ, the servers ...all were a part of making our event successful and keeping our guests happy. At our church, an honorarium is given for the services of the minister and organist. At one time, this went into the staff retirement fund. Currently, it goes to continuing education for the staff. So, please, do the right thing. Give tips for good service. And for great service, give more. Accompany each tip with a thoughtfully written thank you note that specifies why you were pleased. Then write a review, and be specific about why you would choose each vendor again. It will help the vendors, and it will help all those who care enough to read the reviews as they try to choose the vendors that best match their needs. In every way, kindness counts:)
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