Price per plate? Ah! Help!
I've been looking into venues lately and I'm pretty shocked at how much these places charge per plate!

My FSIL is getting married in a few months and her venue charges $45 per plate... But with taxes & whatever else they decide to add on, it's up near $59 per plate.

Should I then assume that if a venue says that their "wedding package 2" is $39.95 I'd be paying up near $50 a plate?

Those of you who have paid per plate- how much did you pay and what would you say is average? I'm trying to figure out what is reasonable.

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In the Chicago area, we'll be paying $88 per plate, plus 8% tax. That $88 includes their 20% service fee. The venues that we looked at ranged between $65 per plate (basic chicken, potato and veggie), to $140 per plate.

Our area though is on the high depends on where you are located as to what you'll be paying/what's reasonable. When looking online, keep in mind that most venues charge local area tax and a 20% service fee.

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Depends on your area, my venue ranges from 19.95 to 49.94 plus 8% sales taxs and 20% grutity(sp) not including alcohol

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Im Indianapolis

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Im doing a wedding package and its 5400.00 out the door!!!

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Holy crap... $88 per plate!?! I guess I should feel fortunate then... Hahaa. I've seen everything from $29.95 per plate to around $63.00. I'm kind of looking to stay between $30 & $45. I'm just shocked at how much gets added on...

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Ive seen packages in my area from around I think $35-65 a person (and of course higher too). Most places have you add tax and then an additional 18 or 20% always remember to check if you need to add that in, cause it makes a big difference!

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You have to remember that it isn't just the food, but dishes, glasses, linens, etc... The money is going to lots of different hands. Many packages I've looked at around Los Angeles are well over $50 per plate, many going into the high $80s or $90s.

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::hides as I say this:: My plates are 18.50/person. It's buffet style and after I went to pay the rest of my deposit, the price went up, so I think that I got a really good deal. The caterer is a reputable guy too--the venue that I use just has good deals and a good relationship with the venues that she uses.

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$18.50!??! WOAH. Is buffet style really cheaper?


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On Long Island many packages start at $69 per plate for a basic package and can run easily to $150 per plate. In your area maybe you should look to hire a wedding planner to help you with the process many are very affordable and very in range (more than what brides think). They can help negotiate appropriate contracts for you and your budget so there aren't any hidden fees. Ask your venues if they are willing to do an inclusive price (which many don't but it doesn't hurt to ask). An inclusive price is they give you a price and that is what you are paying and it can't change. So if your budget is $30,000 (average Long Island wedding) you know that $15,000 is going to your venue and that includes tax and tip. I know it's hard to explain but instead of asking per person ask for an overall price.

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It all depends on location. We are doing buffet style too and ours is $21.75 per plate. Our venue does the catering and I have heard that the food is really really good. Oh and my wedding is in Ohio.

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That actually makes sense. And I'd prefer an inclusive price. I never knew it was an option. I'm horrified to find all these little costs adding up here and there. Hahaa

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Buffet style can and cannot be cheaper--it just depends. In our case, we don't have the option of doing a sit-down dinner, so it's buffet style. Which, wasn't our first choice but we're happy with the price so we're going for it :)

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I'm in NH, we are paying about $70.00-80.00 per person including 9% tax and 18% gratuity. Family style sit down meal.
Cocktail hour: Fresh sliced seasonal fruits, muffins, Danish, assorted breakfast breads served with a coffee/tea station mimosa punch
Appetizer: Fresh Fruit Mélange,
Salad: Field Green Salad- with Balsamic vinaigrette
Entree: Roast Tenderloin of Beef and Chicken Marsala served with Herb Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes, Orange Ginger Glazed Carrots, warm rolls and butter rosettes, coffee, decaf and tea
Desert: Brownie Sundae with Signature Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
A fudge brownie topped with French vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream, adorned with hand dipped strawberries with our initial "J" scrolled in white chocolate.

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depends on the area. around me(jersey shore) the average is about $100 per plate. cheapest you can find is around $75 per plate. but i know that new york is expensive too, so you may be looking at prices like i said. if you can find something for $30 or $40 per plate even before taxes, its a great deal.

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Our wedding is $59.95 per plate, plus 18% gratutity and 6.25% MA sales tax

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I forgot to say that includes alot of other things: Cake and cutting, use of the Bridal Suite, Hors D' Oeuvres (?sp), Champagne for everyone, linens, etc. So I think your getting much more then just the plate of food.

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with cake...grooms cake...cutlery...staff and came out to $39 per plate. Fredericksburg Texas at a Bed and Breakfast.

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o and gratuity and cake cutting included.
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