Outdoor Pagan Wedding ideas
My fiance and I are both Pagan. We want our ceremony to have a Pagan feel to it, but we dont want it to have too much, like we don't want to have an actual handfasting. I am very new to the religion, but he has been practicing it for years. I want nothing more than to have that Pagan feel to our ceremony and also to our reception without making our guests uncomfortable. Anyone have any ideas? Also any ideas for decorations or anything?

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I think you could honor the 4 directions (north, south, east, and west) and the 4 elements (earth, wind, fire, water) and the 4 seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter).

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Thanks for the idea. We are wanting to have a Pagan feel to it but we weren't sure what to do. We are wanting Pagan decorations also incorporated but we really aren't sure what all to use.

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Nature. If you aren't going to do a handfast or have it on Beltane then I would suggest incorporating a lot of nature. No one is uncomfortable with being outside. Instead of the handfasting, you could do a ceremony where both of you water a small tree that represents your marriage, or you could share from a goblet of wine. It also depends on your season. I would incorporate harvest for the fall, flowers for the spring, lots of candles.

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Very good ideas. Thank you :)

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My DH and I had a vaguely Pagan wedding ourselves. Because some of my family is very religious and I didn't feel like spending the entire reception fielding questions about it all, we went with a Celtic theme and that allowed us to incorporate a lot of the things we wanted without offending anyone. Since our officiant is an avid writer, and actually a published poet, he wrote a lot of the ceremony and it fit what we wanted beautifully without being overtly Pagan. That, and we had our ceremony in a gorgeous outdoor setting.

I'd be happy to share some of the ceremony script with you in PM, if you'd like to see if it might fit what you're going for. I know Chas would be thrilled that we passed it on to another couple.

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Thank you so much and I would love it if you would share some of the ceremony script with me! Thank you very much! :)
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