NWR- Which website is best to make custom photo books?
Can anyone recommend a website to make custom photo books? I want to make one for my Mom. I have tried Tinyprints (who are teamed with Shutterfly now) all morning and after I am logged in and created my book, midway it will say I am logged out and won't recognize my email. I've started over three times and give up. But I need to get this book made today.

Any other sites you can suggest? Thanks!

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My SIL uses Picaboo.com to make photo books of her kids every Christmas. They are very well made, doesn't have a set number of pages, and has a personalized cover. I also worked at Walgreens for a very long time before I found a much better job and my understanding is that the photo books there are alos very nice.

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The premium books from ritzpix.com are nice. I like the print quality over some of the other ones.
We used one that I got a deal on once and it was so horrible. I think it was called e-publisher or something like that. I'll try and figure out who it was because you DO NOT want to use them. You could see the individual print dots. Not pixalization but ink dots because of crappy printing.

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Shutterfly.com has a new completely custom way to making books and the quality is awesome. I made a 12x12 book with almost 100 pages and it was fantastic. They have a lot of deals going on so check retailmenot.com before completing a book (no matter where you decide to go) I will also add that I had no problems with Shutterfly. I started my book, saved and finished it another day.

My step mom used Walgreens, but it was not as custom as mine was and she was disappointed because mine looked better (i also worked at Walgreens and knew I wouldn't be using them)

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I've had good results with mypublisher, plus they always have a coupon code.

This is a good comparison - he last updated April 2011


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Wow- haha. I just went and looked who the ones i hated were and it's mypublisher!
Maybe my book was really defunk but the print quality was just plain horrible. I'll attach a couple pictures so you can see what i mean. You can see the individual dots from the printing, and these photos have been printed out at 18x24 so I know it is not pixalization (plus my job was printing and editing photos, i know my way around DPI and ratios)

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I've used Shutterfly and Mixbook. I like Shutterfly better for simple projects, but Mixbook allows you to have more creativity. You can customize them anyway you want, like a scrapbook. You can pick a theme or start from scratch, and even when you pick a theme, you can change the backgrounds to anything (not just from that theme), move pictures around, all kinds of stuff.

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Thank you for the advice! I really like Shutterfly, like I said I keep having difficulties but maybe I will stop for the day and try again tomorrow. Could be a site error.
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