mason jar wedding theme!
I am having mason jars incorporated in my wedding for various ideas .. I'd like to hear / see pictures of what people have done, or what they are going to do for their weddings as well. Thanks and happy planning :)

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ha, I had this idea to!! I love the rustic look and down home feel they have. Look on Etsy for the mason jar candle holders... They're to die for!! I also planned on using mason jars in my centre pieces... Fill 'em with water, dunk in some baby's breath and top it with some white liles, or even floating candles depending on your tastes. Happy hunting, I'll be sure to be checking up on this thread to!

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I could look at mason jar decorations all day! Here are some cute ones I found!

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I am having mason jars too! Some will hang from hooks down the aisle at the ceremony. They will have candles in them. I will also have them on my tables with candles in them. My flower girls will carry hanging mason jars full of rose petals to drop instead of baskets. Also, I have memorial candles made out of mason jars that I got on

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Konichiwa! I heart that first picture!!!! Im totally doing that!!!! :)))))

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You could use them as lanterns, drinking glasses, vases/centerpieces, containers for candy buffet, use the really tiny ones and make jam and give them as favors.

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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1) Candy Buffet
2) Centerpiece
3) Drinking glasses

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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1) Jam favors
2) Lanterns
3) Aisle decor

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@ Jennifer O - isn't that a cute idea? It looks so fresh with the bright daffodils and limes! Then the burlap and ribbon are a perfect finishing touch!

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this makes me want mason jars in my wedding

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We're putting family pictures w/ some flowers in mason jars to go around our centerpiece. I love mason jars!

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Can I just say how excited I was when I saw this? I LOVE mason jars in weddings! They're so down-home & relaxing, yet trendy & cute. Here's a few ideas I've stolen for my use. Hope it helps ya :)

Used as glasses:
Used as centerpieces:
As tea lights:

And.. Used to serve out of:

I can't wait to see what other ideas people post!

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We're thinking of doing something like this, but with mason jars.

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Konichiwa: I got the jars, bulap, and ribbon....Im totally gonna do a mock up and see what everyone thinks! Eeek! I think I found my aisle/walkway decorations! :-)))))

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I love Mason Jars! lol

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Geez, most of the wedding decorations revolve around mason jars....mason jars with candles on the ledges of the barn, mason jars and glass milk jugs with flowers for the centerpieces, mini mason jars with hot choc. and mini marshmallows for favors and mason jars with handles for the beer!

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here are some more ideas

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We are using mason jars for our centerpieces. I changed the flowers and will be changing the ribbon because orange and brown are not our colors. I bought them from a bride on The Knot.

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Posted this last week:
Just found this DIY tutorial,if you want your jars to look old/vintage like the photo below:

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I am using mason jars too! I love the rustic, vintage feel it gives the wedding. We are also using them for the favors. I am filling the jars with the dry ingredients to all our favorite deserts and attached the guests' name and table number. I refuse to have favors that people throw away .. lol But I love the idea of lining the walk way of the reception site with jars with flowers or candles in them. There are so many uses for them.

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Thank you SO much everyone!! Keep the ideas coming!! :) :)
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