Makeup or NO makeup?!
I am honestly a VERY plain face person. I NEVER wear makeup. So, I don't know what to do for my wedding. There is absolutely no reason I don't wear it every day - I just don't. I do like how I look with it, but am also happy without it. I think it would make pictures look better, and I would like some of my natural features to be brought out. However, I have no idea where to start to look for someone who would do my make up.

Also, should I even do makeup since I don't normally wear it? Advise please....

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I think your wedding day is one day that you definitely wan to wear makeup. Yolu can always do a search for makeup artist in your area

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Dear Lindy: from the professional point of view, a minimal amount of makeup, however natural looking, is necessary for the photos. Without makeup, the face simply does not photograph as well as it is WITH makeup. Chances are, you invest considerable money in your wedding photography and perhaps videography. These images will stay with you forever. You can make as natural an application as you want it to be, but you need foundation to photograph well, and have your eyes done so your features will stand out! I am all for "natural look", but you DO need makeup!

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Yes I agree, I would definitely go with makeup!! They can have really beautiful plus natural looking looks that you could go with.

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I would do it. Find pictures of the "intensity" of make up you want and bring that with you to a makeup trial.

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I haven't worn make-up since high school--and not even regularly then. (And high school was over 40 years ago for me.) However, I did get someone to do my make-up for my wedding, just so I wouldn't look washed-out in pictures.

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I would do makeup and keep it simple and natural looking.

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Judi Painted it
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If you normally dont wear it... I would do minimal make up, just enough to bring out your eyes and cover and blemishes and smooth out the skin tone.

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Check with your local hair salons to see if they have someone who is qualified or if they recommend someone. If you already have a photographer ask them if they have recommendations as well. Just make sure to make it very clear that you want to look like yourself just have your features high lighted for the photos and make sure they listen! A make up trial will be a must!

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I totally know what you mean. I never wear make up b/c I am allergic to most make up but I found a super gentle mineral make up I can do myself so it just perfects the skin and I can play up my best features how I want. If you are going to hire someone I would try the search here on ww to see reviews by other brides who have used them.

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Wearing a little make up (not crazy dramatic by any means) could definitely bring out your features without looking like you are really wearing any make-up.

If you do choose to wear make-up please have a trial run done with the exact make-up artist that will do it the day of the wedding. Let them know you don't normally wear make-up and you want a light, natural look -- nothing heavy or caked on!!

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Auntie had a Pro come to do my hair and makeup. I was sequestered in the bedroom. I do not normally wear a lot of makeup. She promised it would shine for the camera and that it would not come off if I cried. It did not come off and yes I cried when he read his vows to me. It is worth it. I am glad I went along with it. Get a pro and wear the makeup girl. You will not regret it.
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Listen to these ladies- they are right! You will want it for your pics! You don't want to look washed-out, oily... just a little something to smooth and brighten.

Possibly search Mary Kay in your area... I know a couple of Mary Kay beauty consultants in my area and some of them do free trials.
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Being photographed for print & videos.... makeup is a must even men wear makeup when on tv or print ads because they just look better...
This doesn't mean that you shouldn't look like yourself, you should be comfortable and feel beautiful.
I suggest seeing a pro makeup artist who specializes in wedding/camera ready makeup and get a trial/lesson for a light natural application.

Good luck!
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