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I'm having a major decision crisis with making a final decision on a venue. Pictured is the venue we origonally chose and have already put a deposit on. The pros of this place are: It fits perfectly with my theme which is garden/tropical. I have already got a feel for how everything will be set up. It's pretty roomy The cons are: The seating in the garden would probably be awkward because of the limited space. I don't care too much for the lighting and there's nothing included.
The pros of the other place are: I love the inside. It's cheaper. There's different areas that can be used as cocktail hour, and such. The cons are: The front of the house isn't too "garden looking". I'm not sure if the chandeliers in the pic would take away from the theme even more.
Opinions please and thank-you!

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The top pic is of the cheaper building and bottom two are the old building. Attached is the inside of the cheaper building

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Hi Denise. I"m a little confused as to which pic is what? The very last pic is the cheaper one?
How much deposit did you already put down?
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I like the inside of the other one you found, but will it be worth losing your deposit over? Are they available?

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I'm confused, too, Labake!!!

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Sorry ladies! The second and third pic are of the venue that I have already put the deposit on. The first pic and the one in the comment section are the ones that we're contemplating on. And I should have mentioned another reason why I'm worried about switching to the second venue (pics 1 and comment pic) My colors for my theme are pink and orange with lime green accents. I don't know if that help with visualizing or not.
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I think that the question you need to ask yourself is as an overall picture (price, decorations, set up, number of guests, and of course dancing room.) If number 2 out weighs number 1 overall then thats what you should pick.

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Honestly, I'll tell you that I like the inside space of the 2nd venue better. But I don't like the outside and that's first impression. Also, when you say seating outside in the garden do you mean for ceremony or are you planning on having tables out there as well? I'm assuming you just mean for the ceremony. It looks like it might be a little tight but you can always arrange the chairs in a way that isn't "traditional". I'm sure they've had weddings there before....can you ask to see pictures of how those were set up? How much of a deposit would you lose? Are you just second guessing yourself? Sorry, one last question.....where would you have the ceremony at the 2nd venue?

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Not too much lost, it'll probably balance out in the end. The ceremony would take place in front of the house of pic 1. And yes I am second guessing myself. lol Simply because cheaper is definitely better of course.

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I am with Lala. I do not care for the first picture, but love the inside. Honestly, you have to choose what you like the most and what your budget can handle.

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I definitely like the outside space of your first choice better, but I do like the inside space of the second choice better. I guess you would have to figure out how you would be set up at the second space and see if you would like it (from the picture it does not look like a garden to me at all, and would not go with your theme) If truly the garden of the first one fits your theme perfectly, you may be able to work the inside of the first building. You may need to just talk to both venues about exactly what you are looking for and figure out which one fits you best.

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Thanks everyone for your comments and advise. I think me and the hubby are gonna have to just sit down and really think of a plan. I like the garden better in the second pic. So we'll see!
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