Late Summer Wedding Colors
I am getting married on 9/5/09 and was considering watermelon as one of my colors. I was thinking of a light green as the accent color but I need another main color to go with the watermelon. Any suggestions?

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I love brown with those two colors!!!

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Since you have two bright colors, why not white. It will help balance out the bright colors.
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I love those colors together. If you want to keep it bright and cheery, you could add orange.
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I agree that orange would be lovely: like a summer sunset. Or alternately, just a touch of deep blue-violet would also go well with watermelon & light green. Sounds beautiful!
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Think of the color of the actual fruit Watermelon, you can brighten with white and add sophitication and drama with black.

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I am also getting married in September (9/12/09) and I am using a BRIGHT pink that looks very much like the color Watermelon... its actually called Peony with a Pinkrose (light pink) main/accent color... The other main accent colors will be Chocolate Brown and Silver... so I also think Brown would be beautiful for your wedding!! :)

Good Luck

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It's really depending on type of look you are going for. Black would create more of a sophisticated look, Chocolate Brown would make a modern chic atmosphere, and Red would make a very dramatic first impression.
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