Is there a polite way to ask for GIFT CARDS/CASH??
I know this topic has probably been covered....This is assuming that people are bringing a gift - we would be thankful for anything... But my fiance and I are moving out of state as soon as we take the plunge - and don't have the room to lug gifts across the country...

Can we ask for gift cards in a polite way?? Or should we just take what we get, return it, and get the store credit?? Would just hate to have to carry 30 toasters across the country in our little trailblazer!

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Mrs Lilow
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I would suggest just putting gift cards on a registry. Amazon has gift cards to all kinds of places, that is where I made my registry. They have a place for a personal message and maybe you could explain why you're asking for "light weight" gifts.

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The best way to do this is not to register. People generally get the idea that way. You can also set up a honeyfund where people can deposit cash contributions that go directly to you.
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I would say in your case, most will know you are moving and completely understand. Maybe you can word it differently. So they can give you the GC with the notion that is is a toaster or blender.

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Any suggestions on wording??? Thanks I am going to look into Amazon right now! We love Amazon anyway!!! It should be perfect. Oh but what about the older people that don't use a pc? Well those are the ones that normally give cash gifts anyway lol


Hayley C™
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i agree, don't register... or tell your parents
so that when people ask them "where are they registered? What do the want?" your parents can say "They have all they need and are just looking for money to help pay for (the wedding/ honeymoon/ new house)"

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You shouldn't be worrying about ANY wording, as no registry or gift information ever goes on your invites. They can enclose that information in shower invites, if you have one (which I suggest you don't if you don't want "stuff").
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First check out Amazon, Macy's or other bigger department store that have registries where you would be interested in shopping. Say you like Macy's. Call them and see if you can list items that you would like, then have them put it in gift card form. Once you see what you can do, then you can figure out wording.

I would keep it simple. Maybe something to the effect of:
We are so happy that you will be joining us for our wedding day. As you know we will be moving shortly after the wedding. While we appreciate your time and thoughtfulness in selecting a gift, we can't pack them all to move. We are registered on/at ________ for gift cards.

And if you have friends with kids in school, they may have a gift certificate program. My daughter is in Catholic school. You buy gift cards through the church/school and a percentage is removed from the tuition. If you have that available in your church or a friend who has a child that could benefit, maybe they could mock up a registry for you.

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I am not going to have a shower as most of my family is out of state. So it is not proper etiquitte to include enclosures for wedding invites?
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Oh and I agree, generally I would not put a registry in the invite. But wording is what it is and you can use it when people ask. And of course, whoever talks most in your life must be first to know. They will likely tell everyone anyway.

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Nope! It's never ok to assume you will get a gift, or to solicit them. It would be like enclosing a list of wanted presents for a birthday party at your house. Tell your parents and BP your wishes, and let them spread it word of mouth. If you have a wedding website, that would be the appropriate place to direct people to for that sort of information.

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Cricket- I have to totally and completely disagree. It's simply not appropriate.

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Haa haa that would be our moms!!! Thanks again!

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Creating A Remarkable Event

Creating A Remarkable Event
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I agree with ladies above, do not register. Also it is not proper etiquette to include this information in the wedding invitation. Word of mouth is the best.

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Aww man as a personal chef I was really looking forward to registering for Williams and Sonoma and Sur La... Oh well.

Thanks again!

Private User
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we are using "No boxed gifts, please"...

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@ Randi, is that as an enclosure with the wedding or shower invites?

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Never, ever, EVER put anything about gifts in your invitations. Tacky, tacky, rude.

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1st & foremost... never ever put anything in with your invite except the enclosure card, rsvp, reception card, maps/directions!!!!!!!!

Now, 'to ask':
- don't make a registry

- word of mouth via WP & family

- do you have a website? put it there. 1st thank your guests... this is what i wrote: Matt & I could ask for nothing more than our loving friends and family to share this special day with us however if you do so feel inclined we are registered at the following. WW has 3 money registries you can add:

- offbeat bride's suggestions:

hope this helps!
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