Ideas for Greek Inspired & Elegant Wedding (No togas or costumes involved)
Me and my fiance are trying to plan or wedding style. We were thinking of having blue (Azure; the color the bridesmaid would wear) and another color. Not too sure which one and would love any advice on another color. We're having an outdoor wedding ceremony during next may so any spring colors that would go well with azure are also invited. I thought of purple. I'm having a hard time when it comes to decor and flowers. I don't want real flowers (wanted to be able to hold on to them and place them in my new house near our wedding photos). I was wondering if anyone knew of any vendors in the Philadelphia, Pa area or had any ideas about how I could decorate. We're on a strict budget as well and don't want to spend a lot, but still want to have a beautiful wedding.
I also heard the WW members attend other WW members weddings. I don't have many friends due to being single so I have no maid-of-honor or bridesmaid. If anyone wanted to attend or help out, I would so appreciate it. Thank you.

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How about blue and white, or blue and gold?
I stumbled across this,

or for blue/gold/yellow:

Stephonie A Schmitz

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Those colors suggested in the post before are great... I am actually traveling to Greece this fall! I also think that greek columns would be very nice and elegant!

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I think azure, white, and burnt orange. reminds me of a greek sunset. also lends itself well to gold accents, without being kitschy.

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@Analy, thats gorgeous - it makes me want to change my colors!

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Dear Jenn C,

An outdoor wedding with a Greek theme is a lovely idea! I am posting a picture of a wedding from the seafront recently celebrated in Greece. Hope this will inspire you in your choice for your blue, Greek theme.
The bride had six bridesmaids and each of them wore a different shade of blue which was very effective for the camera. The pictures were wonderful. We cannot help you with a florist in Phili, because we are based in Athens, Greece. You do say that budget restrictions apply so try and keep the flowers to a minimum to save. If you take a look at the picture which I have attached for you will see that the centrepiece required minimum flowers.
Because you would like to keep the theme Greek, it might be a good idea to inform the invited guests, they can wear anything light, but please no black.

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