Hair and Makeup for your Bridesmaids - who pays?
I have asked my bridemaids if they would like to get their hair and makeup done prior to the wedding. Is this something that the bride should pay for or is it alright to have the bridesmaids pay for their own service. I have already purchased a generous and personal thank you gift for all my bridesmaids. Thanks for your help.

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its totally up to you if you want to do it or not. but since you have already given them a gift, it might be best to let them go dutch on the hair and make up. or better yet, if someone in the family or a really close family friend is good at doing make up and hair, it might be best to let them do it so youre not spending an arm and a leg.

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I am a bridal hairstylist and most of the time the bridesmaids pay for their own services. The have only been a handful of experiences in the last 11 years that I've been a stylist where the bride picked up the tab, and even then... it was their "thank you" gift.

I think it's perfectly fine to expect them to pay for their own services.

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I'd arrange for the opportunity for everyone to get their hair/makeup done at the same place, but not require it and have everyone pay for themselves. If they'd prefer to do their own hair/makeup, then they can. If you require them to have a professional do it, then I'd say you should pitch in on at least some of the cost.

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Let them pay for their own, but if you make them go to a certain salon at a certain time to encourage bonding, be prepared for some whining if it's expensive.

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I had a friend that had her stylist come to her house and do hair and makeup for her and the ladies. She paid half and teh bridesmaids paid half. The stylist gave her a set price ($65 updo and makeup and $35 for partial up and make up).She set a modest price as her "gift" to the bride. The bride then said she would pay for half of the hari and makeup services so the bridesmaids could be all in the same place and bonding and spending time with the bride, and as part of their thank you. If you have a relationship with your stylist she may make a house call on a day off

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Thank you all for you responses!

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I think it depends on your culture too. Most Asian weddings that I've been to (including mine), the bride paid for the hair/makeup for the bridesmaids.


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As a hair and makeup vendor I see alot of both. I think it depends on your financial situation. You could offer it to those who choose to participate? The only negative here is that some bridesmaids will look flawless in the pictures and the others might look less professional and "stand out". I guess it depends on how important it is to you. Good luck!

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Well, I have been pondering the same question. I have asked my bridesmaids to pay for their own makeup, but in my search for a makeup artist I have also looked for people who are charging something reasonable so they don't go broke on my wedding. So that might be helpful. Also alot of the Mary Kay and Avon people if you find a really great one can do the makeup free for the bride and at a small cost for the bridesmaids.

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I paid for my sister and mother to get their makeup done.

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My sister was my maid of honor.
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