Fun Songs to walk into a wedding reception
Looking for fun, upbeat songs to enter the ballroom as the married couple. Does anyone have any good suggestions? Want to avoid Black Eye Peas ("I have a feeling").

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We are walking into the reception with "September" by earth, wind and fire. Love that stinkin song!

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I believe in a thing called love - The Darkness??

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We're walking into "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen.

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Ohh, good choice Melanie!

I think we are going with the theme song from the show The Office. We both love the show (although he needed some convincing at first) and we actually met at work, so he always jokes that I'm the Pam to his Jim.

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We used "Final Countdown" by Europe. It was a hit!!

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Hey, Judith's polka dots are back! :)

We used this:

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We are walking in to Thunderkiss 65 by Rob Zombie! haha I know, totally untraditional but it fits our bridal party & the beat is awesome! Plus it's pretty much the only song I let FH choose.

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We are walking into Zombie Love Song by My Favorite Martian. I am a huge zombie fan and put my foot and said I would have my song and I got it!

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We walked into the Grateful Dead's "Truckin".

Cate is having James Brown's "Get Up Off Of That Thing".

Kristi....Holy crap! It is coming really fast.

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Um Kristi - AWESOME!!!! We've been looking for WP to walk into the reception to. Need to suggest this to FH. I think we'll have a winner!!

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The Muppet Show theme. =)

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We are walking into with The Rock's Theme Song - oh yeah!!!! my sister is walking into "We Found Love" by Rihanna

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If you are looking for high-energy/dance type music:
Anything by LMFAO ... "Party Rock Anthem" and "Sexy and I know it"
"Memories" by David Guetta & Kid Cudi
"Black out" by Breathe Carolina
"Forever" by Chris Brown
"One more time" by Daft Punk

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the bridal party walked in to Party Rock Anthem
then the BM & MOH walked in to Rick Flares entrance music from WWE
and we walked in to Stone cold Steve Austins entrance music also from WWE

Only reason we did the last 2 is because they were a compermise and we got married on 3-16 and thats something on all of Stone Colds stuff

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@Rachelle, we are walking in to Don't Stop Me Now too! I love that song!

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FH desperately wants the original theme from the Mario Brothers... Well, he wanted a Mario wedding but when I axed that I compromised and will be entering to this! Cause I love him (or I am nuts!)
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Find something that speaks to the personality of you two. I've had people request "Enter Sandman" because it's a great opening, "Thunderstruck" and "Welcome to the Jungle" have also been played. Had a couple want the theme to "Chariots of Fire" so they could run in slow motion. Another dressed up like hillbillies and entered to "Dueling Banjos". Last year a bride brought her husband into the Star Wars Theme complete with a light sabre arch for them to walk through.

Personalize it so it matches to your personalities. If your first date was to a sports event, there's all kinds of songs for that. If you went to a movie, use the score from the movie. If it was to a concert, have it be something by the performer you saw. Have fun with it and congratulations!

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I'm soooo glad I read this post. krisalicious omg Collide! I totally forgot I love Leona's music, & I've never heard this one before. Gave me chills!

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My FH wants to do Metallica Ectasy of Gole :'( soooo not my style

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I meant ecstasy of gold
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