Does anyone know if you can alter a corset top?
I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer for. My dress has a corset top and I don't know if it can be altered and taken in or not. I am working out and starting to lose weight and my wedding isn't until October. So I guess what I really need to know do I need to stay a little chunky to fit in my dress or am I safe to lose weight and alter my dress when it comes time? My cousin didn’t have hers altered and she lost so much weight that her back tied over itself and you couldn’t see the criss-cross of all the ties. I attached a pic of me in my dress and the back is what I want it to look like on my wedding day, but I am afraid that if I can’t take it in and I lose too much weight then I won’t look right in it.

I do have to have it altered up because it is too long, but I am unsure about the corset and rather than lose a bunch of weight and then try to eat like a pig and gain weight to fit, I'd rather know ahead of time what I am looking at. I’m also wondering how expen

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Im not 100% on this but I am pretty sure everything on a dress can always be made smaller. But it may cost you if moving details is required.

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I agree with Tia. They should be able to take it in for you!

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It's pretty expensive to alter the corset. However, you may lose just enough weight to where the criss-cross will be smaller, but will still have the same effect. Also, if you do strength training your upper body will be more toned, but not necessarily much smaller. Gorgeous dress!

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Thanks guys. Pretty much all I want to lose is my stomache area. Working graves I usually eat a lot to get energy (since I have a hard time sleeping during the day I don't have any way of making it through a 12 hour shift unless I eat a lot). Now that I am back to working days I will start losing weight and eating the way I am supposed to so that I can get healthy. In addition, one of my bridesmaids is working out with me so that I can start to lose some more. I don't want to be very small (I personally like having some meet on my bones LOL) I just don't want to have to buy jeans every other month because they are too small. It's getting tiring. :/

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It can definitely be done! My dress was taken in, and it had a corset :) For me it wasn't too expensive- alterations cost me a total of 200, and that included the hem, taking it in quite a bit, bringing the top of the dress down, and a bustle.

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Kerri did you go to a small shop or someplace like David's Bridal? My dress came from David's Bridal so we had planned to do all the alterations through them, but I didn't see on their price sheet anything that says "corset" just "bodice" so I wasn't sure if that was included.

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We don't actually have any chain bridal shops here. The alterations business I went to was attached to the shop where I got my dress though, and he's well known as the best.
I'm not sure about this, but with the popularity of the corset back, I'd have to imagine they can do it.

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That's what I was thinking but because I didn't see it clearly stated I just wanted to make sure before I end up losing weight and get in trouble when it doesn't fit right!

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It depends. Does the corset interior have boning? It doesn't look like it. You can alter it, but it will not be cheap. Be prepared to spend a couple hundred on the alterations. They'll basically just take in along the seams of the sides anyway, so you should be fine.

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Mine had boning, it was altered, and it was not expensive. Even got it done at David's where everyone claims they are over priced. My corset was altered, got it hemmed, and a bustle for $145
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