Colors for a November/December 2010 Wedding
My finance is in the army that is why right now I have the date at November or December...not ideal for me, but that's when it has to happen.
The Army now usually wears dress blues (not green yay) for weddings and such.

We were thinking like a navy blue with gold/yellow and then ivory for our colors. Now, I was trying to stay away from the whole red, white and blue thing, but would these colors even be good in November or December?
Thoughts are appreciated! :)


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Gold and ivory are definitely good fall/winter colors. Navy blue, since it is darker, is also a great color for the colder months. That said, your colors don't have to "match" the season. For instance, I'm having a black, dark purple, and white spring (April) wedding. Not exactly what you think of for spring weddings, but I don't care.


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I think those colors are fabulous in November or December. Navy is making a new splash and it looks fabulous with gold! White or ivory is a perfect balance for those strong colors. You might want to keep you florals more white and gold, as there are not a lot of navy colors in florals - but you could use the blue as your table linen, your girls dresses and accents!

My brother-in-law is in the army too and we wish you all the best in your life together!! My sister has created a wonderful life in the army and wouldn't trade it for anything! Congratulations to both of you!

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I am having a December wedding and doing black and white with red as the accent. We are alsom incorprating Christmas into it.

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Those colors are wonderful for November/December indeed! But choosing different colors is also okay if you wish..
Browse this site for more options:)


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I love the ideas that A Day Remembered posted they all look beautiful. The navy, ivory and gold will look amazing together regardless of the time of year. His dress blues will also go very well with this. Best wishes to you both.
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With deep navy to royal blue, yellow is a great complimenting color as is bright lime green and a touch of creme or white.
In November the tones could also fall into the fal tones, such as Oranges and golds, It is rich and elegant for fall.Its a great photo op with navy.
If it pushes into December than cool tones of white can be used with snowy Iced touches,think frosted crystal and silver with navy.
You can see some inspirations on my website at many weddings and bouquets in blues and mixed colors. Enjoy!
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i think those color are beautiful.

some ideas

i love shimmery royal blue/navy linens

with all white/ivory flowers, with few additions of gold.

or even chair covers

look at the interior of your reception and see how much of dark shades could you get away with.

bright interior = more darks
dark interior = more lighter shades


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Thanks everyone! These comments are great

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I think your colors are great, earthy tones for sure for fall/winter weddings. I am having my wedding in the fall and trying to figure out colors now. I think I am leaning towards simple black and white and want my cake to have a splash of red. I found some great wedding cakes here to give me ideas.

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My only concern would be, Navy blue and gold are the U.S. Navy's official colors, would your Army man be ok with that?

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I am going with red, black and white. It's in late October so I didn't want to go with traditional autumn or winter colors

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yeah I really like how Navy and yellow/gold look together. It may be a bit summer like, but I am getting married in California. :) haha

I know that I don't have to base the colors around the uniform, but my favorite color is blue, and he really likes yellow, so it works.

Thanks everyone!

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navy and gold, ivory should be very pretty for winter! i think they are timeless colors. i know i've seen some wedding cakes that have a navy/ivory scheme here.


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Navy is a strong beautiful color and with the right accents you will have a wonderful combination, for example:
Navy, copper (gold) accented with cranberry. Fabulous.

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How about navy and magenta or wine?
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I am doing a wedding for someone in the services next month. They decided on Navy blue and gold accents. It is going to be beautiful!


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I like navy with ivory....

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I'm getting married in November and I chose Purple Brown and White. ANY earth tone would be appropriate and then add whatever color you want as an accent. thats what I'm doing, and i'm using white as a pop of brightness. purple bridesmaid dresses the groomsmen will be in brown and me and my fiance will both wear white. GOOD LUCK :)

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Hey Beth,

Your colors are really nice. My husband is also in the Army and we are having a spring wedding next year and I chose very similar colors. (We never had an official wedding ceremony due to the missions of the military and because we were dual-military)
Anyway, my colors are- navy blue, baby blue, and a touch of Gold. I know that they aren't traditional bright spring colors, but it's what I want and it's my wedding.
I was trying to explain it to my coordinator and she wasn't too enthusiastic about it, but I ensured her that it would be beautiful, because I have a vision. My advice to you, is to stick with what makes you happy. You can definitely make navy blue gold/yellow and ivory work. Good luck to you.
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