Candy Bar - How much did it cost you and how many guests?
I'm wanting to do a candy bar, but I'm seeing that bulk candy is fairly expensive. I was wondering how much it cost you to do it, and for how many guests, did you have some leftover, etc. so that I may decide if it's something I can do.

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I was wondering the same thing! I love this as my favor!

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We want to do the candy buffet thing too! Someone mentioned Hayley's profile having all the info ever and the candy stuff is in there too. She says: # of Guests x 3(oz) then divide the answer by 16(oz) = Total lbs you should buy.

What I can't seem to figure out is how many jars to get though. I posted this link on someone's question yesterday: These seem to be the nicest cute jars I can find, but I wonder if anyone has any idea of how many you'd need per person as well.

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We had one. Our guests loved it. It did end up costing me quite a bit. I bought my own jars from TJ Maxx and probably spent about $100 just on glassware. As far as candy, we did not color coordinate ours. We just bought candy that we thought everyone would like. Color coordinating would have cost much more. We had Tootsie Rolls, Hershey's Kisses, Laffy Taffy, Assorted Candy Bars, Chocolate Covered Raisins, Cinnamon Candy, Caramels, suckers, Sour Patch Kids, Twizzlers, Swedish Fish, and Starburst. I spent about $250 on candy. I got some of mine after Valentine's Day on clearance, some on Party City's website, and the rest at Sam's Club. For containers, we used take out boxes that I put Vistaprint labels on. We had some suckers and a few laffy taffy left. Our guests devoured it. I think the general guideline is to have .25 to .5 pound of candy per each guest. We had more than that. Here's a picture of ours.

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Hey Shannah, we had a candy bar. The guests LOVED it. I paid a lot though cuz I went with a vendor. But I believe I could possibly find out where she bought her bulk candy. Here's some pics of it. Oh, It also doubled as one of my favors. :)

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I was reading that you use the big apothecary jars for the main candies and then you can just use cheap vases to save money, sounds like maybe a dollar tree kinda task :)
A few nice ones from tj maxx would make the table, the smaller things are just fillers

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We spent a little over $200 on candy for approx 200 people. By the time the bridal party got there we only had peanut butter kisses and butterscotch/cinnamon hard candies left, all of the chocolate was GONE! We used apple bushel baskets instead of vases, and I got them at hobby lobby for like $3 each, we had 7 of them. We got our scoops & favor boxes from oriental trading.

Here's a pic of ours, the only pics I have are after the bridal party got there, and everything was devoured

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Thanks ladies! I think it's something I can totally do then! I've been looking at vases and jars and wal-mart has a few I can use (trifle dishes) and I'm going to check TJ Maxx sometime too.

I was more concerned about the candy, but forgot about Sam's Club. I think I'll be good!

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Shannah....You can buy your candy on sale before/after Easter. Check your dates on your candy labels. You can buy your containers from Dollar Tree, Yard Sales, Home Goods. You can make your bags.
For 62 people we had the following at a total cost of $200. However, this was not the only favor our guests received because it was a DW.
3 bags Werther's Original
2 of Rollos
Almond Kisses
Mini Reese Cups
Dark Choco Minitures
Reese Pieces
Dark Choco Pieces
Oreo Cookies and Cream Pieces
Dove Raspberry
Cow Tails
dark and milk Rochere
Chocolate Twizzlers
Strawberry Twizzlers
Swedish Fish
Peanut Chews
Snow Caps

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Just want to add that if you are interested in ordering from Party City, you can find a 30 or 40 percent off coupon floating around occasionally. I got some of my candy for 40% off and got free shipping.

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there are tons of wholesale companies as well. with some good deals!

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