Cake and Punch Reception
I saw somewhere on the discussions about putting "cake and punch reception to follow" at the end of an invitation. I am trying desperately to cut costs and if we can't than we'll do a JP. I would like to do a casual wedding with limited decorations. The only ting we'd like to spend on is a photographer. Is it okay to have just cake, punch, and a few munchies for a reception?? We'd probably get a DJ but I can't imagine a reception taking too long. Is it best to have this type of reception mid day early evening?
Suggestions or thoughts?

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Its your wedding and if you dont want to serve dinner that is completely up to you! I think if you do a cocktail/horsdourve (sorry for the misspell!) is fine. Have a cake cutting ceremony and dancing. I think that its a great idea! Besides, most weddings I have had a sit-down dinner to, I really wasnt impressed with the meal!
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I think this is a great idea and I've been to/performed at a few weddings like this. Keep it light and fun. Schmooze a little and you're off!
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This time is about the celebration of your union - the connection - so really whatever works for you is fine. Just keep it in a decent hour before or after a standard meal hour - like having just cake and punch during a dinner hour might be tough on guests - but early afternoon is great! Perhaps you could have 1 -2 musicians playing for ambiance which might be even more affordable than a DJ?

The other idea is to have an evening wedding/cocktail type reception - this would be after the dinner hour - yet probably pricier than cake and punch.


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A cake and punch reception is perfectly appropriate! In fact, this used to be the norm for weddings back in the day. Mid afternoon is the best time (between lunch and dinner), and I would just have music in the background, probably not a DJ and dancing. I've had clients just create a set on their MP3 player & hook kit up to speakers, although a live musician is a lovely touch.

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I think this is absolutely perfect if you are not looking for the big elaborate (expensive) wedding! I am actually looking for ideas myself for an inexpensive wedding and I am a cake decorator so I may follow your lead here. Actually either mid afternoon or evening would probably work for that. Good luck and congrats.
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I think it is just fine. I can highly recommend the following company to provide appetizers for your reception, should you decide to offer a little more than sugar.

I hope this helps and best wishes!

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I'm having a cake reception and including fruit and vege trays for munching. My wedding is at 2 pm, with the reception immediately following at the same venue (my parent's backyard). But, I agree that you should state that on the invitation. It really is too much to assume that people will eat lunch before the wedding, and instead bring their appetites to the reception!

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I have just now decided to do a cake and ounch reception. Our hineymoon is much more important than feeding people and getting them tipsy :)

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Hi there! I am considering a cake and punch reception with a few hors d'oeuvres. I am going to have the wedding at my church and have the reception there as well. is that okay??

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Our wedding is on a Sunday afternoon and we're doing "Dessert & Dancing" which is really just a glorified Cake and Punch reception. We'll have a few desserts, few appetizers, cake and lemonade. It's our wedding and our money! Lol.

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I was thinking about doing this to save my parents money. We are broke, but still getting married. We really don't have the money to do a sit down dinner. I am worried that out of town guests won't come and that people won't have a good time/stay around because there is no food. We would have the ceremony at 3 to give guests time to get there and it wouldn't be during a meal time. I am just worried as to how this will look.

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Our wedding is a small event at a storefront church. We were planning on having the ceremony and then a reception. My fiancee's father was going to be cooking, but unfortunately he's in the hospital with pneumonia and will be needing heart surgery as well. Our wedding is this Saturday, December can we go about notifying our guests that it's changing from a reception to a cake and punch reception? This will be about an hour maybe a tad longer and then we will be going to the hospital to visit his dad.
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