BRIDAL REGISTRY USA not sure what to do
So I received a call today from a girl named Stephanie about freee gifts that I won with my husband at a bridal expo. choice between 2 wedding bands or a 3 day 2 night getaway. And according to the other posts sound about the same thing. Just different name. Not sure if to go or not but it really does sound like it is a 50/50 she didn't say anything about sitting through a showing of any type or anything like that so im not sure what to do??

Married: 10/18/2014
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Amy A.
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Jun 24, 2013 at 5:14 PM • 
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I got that call today too! From the same lady. Its a big scam. I googled the company. I've never been to a bridal show so I think they got my number from David's Bridal.

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@Jennifer I went to a bridal expo two weeks ago in long beach. Have you both ever been to one?

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DB definitely gives out numbers and emails. I didn't even go for an appointment, just registered online. I've "won" a few things too. Very sketchy. However, there are some things you can win from expos, so always check things out online and stuff before going in or claiming anything.
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@Erika no neither of us have ever been to one. Pretty sure DB just gives out numbers to 'preferred partners' and scams

Bliss Honeymoons

Bliss Honeymoons
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It's either a timeshare, or they are going to try to get you to purchase a ton of cookware. Companies like these go by several names-Simplicity Bride, Simplicity Gourmet, or something along those lines. Run as fast as you can in the other direction!

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I Own their products and they are Excellent. The Gifts They offer are Legit. I highly suggest you attend their showcase.

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The Cookware and Cutlery is Fantastic.
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