bought these at Hobby Lobby, thought I would share them with you ladies!
My FH and I went shopping a couple weeks ago, We went into a Hobby Lobby (first time FH has been) He found these cute little frames and wants to put them on the wall somewhere in the reception.

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very cool..I LOVE hobby lobby!

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grrrr! no HL here :*(

They're super adorable though

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I know what you mean, Merfy Lou. Closest one to me is 80 miles. I go to see my dr. every month and that is when I get to shop they are right down the road from him. I wish I could just run to HL like I do walmart.

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1,700 to 2,700 miles depending if you take the barge or not. :) I wouldn't mind an hour - hour and half drive. I do have Michael's and Jo-Ann's, but I see all of your (implying all ladies on here) amazing deals and it makes me jealous.
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