Auctioning Off The Bride Groom
A few years ago at a family members wedding they had a Bride and Groom Auction, is what I was told about it you have the DJ anounce for everyone to be quiet for the Auction and then he starts the bidding with the Groom and who ever wins the bid gets a dance with the groom then you follow to do the bride and whoever wins gets to dance with her, After that you see who made the most money between the bride and groom whoever got the most get all the money.
It looks funner than what Im explaining it, but would you do something like this at your wedding?

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You'll get some mixed responses to this I'm sure, but I personally would stay away from anything that is asking for money from your guests at the wedding.

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There are a few things I have to say about asking people for money at your wedding. First I don't know how you can for example people was telling my FH and I that we should have a cash bar now how can I really ask someone to pay for drinks at my wedding. The 2nd thing is when you go to a wedding hardly no one brings money because most of the time you get your dinner dessert and drinks paid for. and if you do bring money it's probably because there is a gap in the time frame from when the ceremony ends and the reception begins so people may bring some money for a coffee or something like that.

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families all have their own traditions for weddings. If money dances, etc are something that your family happily does and looks forward to at weddings and you want to do it then go for it. But since you're asking if we'd do it at our weddings, I'll say honestly I would NEVER under any circumstances do anything, no matter how silly or "fun", that asks people for money at my wedding. But it's just personal preference

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First off there is no gap between my ceremony and reception, secondly its not like we include in our inventions to make sure you bring money if the crowd dose not want to participate that not a big deal. Its not about the money its just something extra to do for laughs. I can see ware you might think that your guest would get offended by the Auction idea, but on the other hand our family is custom to giving money to the bride and groom for there honeymoon. Its just a fun way to do it.

So Im just wondering if any of you soon to be married brides are going to do the dollar dance?
Im very sorry If I have upset any of you just thought I would give brides ideas for there weddings. Sorry again.

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Tonya what are you apologizing about? I didn't think anyone here seemed upset about anything. You asked if we would do this and some said no. Don't take that the wrong way! Lots of brides on here do have traditions like these so you're right, you are offering up a new idea and that's always welcomed so there's nothing for you to be sorry about! It's just not my style personally. Like I said, across the country there are many different traditions so if your family finds this fun and doesn't take offense then go for it. I am never comfortable asking for money in ANY capacity. honest questions get honest answers. Don't be sorry for anything!

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Don't apologize! It's a tradition many people follow. What IS tacky is doing it because you just want the money. But it sounds like you want it to be something fun for your guests and that they're anticipating giving you money at the reception anyway. I, personally, would not do it because my family and half of FH's family would not expect it at our wedding - only his mom's side would. So we're skipping it (although I'm thinking about having "bridal bucks" like monopoly money and saying that those can be turned in for a dance with the bride or groom). I have also heard of kidnapping the bride where the groomsmen whisk the bride away and then call the dj, and they have the guests or the groom do certain things before they'll bring the bride back. One of the ways it can be ended is by saying they won't bring her back until they raise so much money, but that can also be skipped, too. We're also thinking about the kidnapping, but maybe with fake money at the end.

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If it's sort of like a family tradition, go ahead with it I guess, One wedding I went to, instead of calling numbers to go to the buffet, the 'auctioned' off the next table, Table went together and came up with all kinds of various things like; mowing the lawn for a whole month for the newly weds, puppy sitting, on set of aunt and uncles who even had a cabin offered to let them stay there with them and the aunts and uncles would cook for them! And yes some tables offered money, but every offer has to be 'approved' by the bride and groom

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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One tradition in our town is have the Groomsman/Best man/who ever to walk around with a cowboy boot (usually my uncles, because he is the only one that wears cowboy boots to weddings! lol) and ask for a donation to the newlyweds honey moon..It might be offensive to some other couples/guests, but really, if it's tradition, I'm not offended at all! Every town, country, city, etc. has different wedding tradtions!
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