1940s theme wedding ideas??
I am planning a 1940s Hollywood glam themed wedding; I already have my dress picked out and I want to have red, black, and white as my colors. Flowers are black magic red roses. I need ideas about the location and decorations for the ceremony and reception; any ideas for favors, etc. would be appreciated as well! :)

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Ok, I think USO and outfits like Jim Carey wore in the mask! That sounds like it could be a really fun wedding! I think also of the mob and prohibition but not sure if that was that era or not! But if it was I can think of some cool ideas like for favors have little black briefcases with your wedding date on them and inside you could put mini bottles of wine or fill them with candy or something. Also, if you want your centerpieces to be glamourous but also fun,I think of pillar candles in crystal containers with the glass beads, pearls and maybe some play money mixed in?
Also, they make a hard candy "diamond" that you can scatter on the table tops and even put them on your cake. And maybe a feather boa also!
If you havent found a cake decorator yet, I would love it if you would consider coming for a tasting! I think that would be a really fun cake to make!!
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Try these ideas as well: Feathers, Boas, black and white hollywood pictures decorating the tables/venue. Pick a venue that was built or decorated during that time period. Don't forget big band music and an old rolls royce or two.....

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Thanks for the input! :) I greatly appreciate it...great ideas too!

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Have you thought about putting in a red carpet somewhere? Maybe where guests can walk in? How about some gold in there too to maybe symbolize the Oscars?

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So I've made my decision...I was worried about the decor going over the top (and getting expensive) so I'm going to have small details that are reminiscent of the 40s (like the dress and hair/makeup) but still keep a classic look to everything else. Also doing a Polaroid guest book! :) Thanks for all the tips!
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I actually did a 40's wedding back in 1999 and the couple wanted a very simple, classic look. The bride's grandfather played trumpet in the big bands and was no longer able to play, so it was done a bit for him. The colors were black and white with touches of yellow. One of the ideas we came up with was to really make it look like an upscale lounge of the 40's by using the candle lamps on the tables. The bride wore a 40's style dress and had her hair done in pin curls, and hired a band that played 40's music. They also decorated their cake in a 40's style. The thing to remember about the 40's is that it was War time and everything was simple, the mantra of the day was "Make Do and Mend". Granted, Hollywood was and always will be different than the rest of the world, so adding that little extra touch of glamour from the 40's will make your wedding day just that much more special. If you'd like to see pics for ideas, go to www.creativedelightsec.com gallery section. Best Wishes!
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What a great theme wedding idea!

I am not sure where you are writing from or if you are considering a destination wedding (which can save you tons of money), but there is a great swing dance "club" in Orlando at Disney's boardwalk that I actually considered having my reception at back in 2001. It is a ready-made 1940s environment with all the music, decor and all...

If you are considering a destination wedding, I would highly suggest finding a good travel agent to help you and your guests. They will save you money and shouldn't charge (I don't).

You can go here to find one in your area (or contact me directly, I'd be happy to help). Best of luck!

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I also thought you might like to know about the following company which I highly recommend. They may be able to help you find some 1940s themed favors for your wedding. Hope this helps!


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For a fun retro gust book, try using a vintage typewriter for guests to type their wishes for you. Use a long (like several feet) sheet of paper from a paper store. I found vintage typerwriters all over the place & ended up buying mine for 20 bucks. Its fun, sets the tone & is amusing to watch people who've never seen a old typewriter try to use it!


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