Is it okay to ask for a discount over e-mail?
I just got a quote from a DJ I've been talking to and am wondering if it's appropriate to ask for a discount by responding to his e-mail. If not, should I call or meet with him?

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I did that over e-mail. And it worked.

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Lots of people prefer email and it would give him a chance to look it over before responding to you with a response.

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sorry I just realized my bad grammar. It'll give him a chance to see if he can give you that discount before he responds without feeling like he's on the spot to answer.

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Heck yeah give him an e-mail. Give him a week and if you don't hear anything give him a call.

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Yes, ask if he is firm with that price over email. If not, then give him a call to flesh out/negotiate over the phone.
If he is willing to negotiate, then call him.
If he hedges and is not very willing, best to email--but always be polite and appreciative. It never hurts to ask, if done right!!! GL

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Definitely, send an email. That way you have everything documented.
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I don't see anything wrong with asking for a discount via email especially if the vendor gave you a quote. But keep in mind...some vendors offer discounts but it may be on a "when asked" basis. Good Luck!
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I'm a vendor and I have no problem when a prospective client asks for a discount via email.

Hint: it's not the mechanism by which the client asks that is hard to swallow--it's the tone. A respectful "is this your best price?" is much more palatable than, "Hey vendor--your prices are way too high and you owe me a discount!"

Also bear in mind that many vendors have already lowered their prices to rock bottom in this economy and there simply isn't any wiggle room in their budgets for further slashing.

But it never hurts to ask!
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As a Vendor, I prefer to communicate with my brides via Email, as it gives us BOTH a clear record of what has been promised, whats been said, etc.

As Maureen said, it NEVER hurts to ask in any way, but remember, many of us Vendors have lowered our prices as far as we can and still stay afloat ourselves. Our Policies are likewise aimed to protect our businesses while providing excellent service. (I had a bride get upset over my required deposit, and then tried to get me to work without paying me, thus moving me to create a policy of no contract & Deposit, NO Work and no date Cemented onto my books.)

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I communicate with many of my brides via email. I certainly don't mind if they ask. It helps if they give me an idea of what type of budget they are trying to hit. If I can, I'll try to come as close as possible depending on how much difference there is between their budget & my price. Sometimes it entails reducing the number of hours or taking something from the package if the difference between the price they want & the charge for my services is too large. As the other vendors have said, it also depends on the tone...not just within the email, but also with my dealings with this bride over time. Most of us want to try to be flexible and help as much as possible, but it becomes less palatable when people get demanding or are unpleasant.
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