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About Us
My name it Paige
My favorite color is (appropriately) green.
I'm a closet wedding planner.
Practically everything in my purse was purchased on ETSY.
I have about 10 favorite songs, most of them from the years 1998 - 2003.
Before we were even engaged I sent Blake multiple pictures of the exact rings I wanted.
I love Beaches, but I hate bathing suits.
We don't' have T.V. but thanks to the marriage of NetFlix and Wii, I do have favorite shows. (House, Bones, the Office, Friends, Myth Busters...)
I don't sing in the shower, but I belt it out in the car.
I still feel like I'm on one very long date with my husband.
I've studied Photography since Junior High.
I've also studied Theatre since Junior High.
I cry during most wedding ceremonies and I am truly giddy at all of them.
No one has ever loved the way I love my Blake.
I fully expect you to feel the exact same way about your fiancé.
My natural hair color is brown... I also dye it brown... I'm still not sure why.
Ariel is my favorite Disney princess.
I don't like carnations or roses, but I ADORE peonies.
Socks make my feet feel trapped.Little kisses are my favorite.
I see the world in lines and light.I think all love is beautiful.

Hi, I'm Blake
My favorite color is blue, or red, or green
I'm indecisive, sort of
I like trying new things, sometimes
I speak Spanish fluently. (Spain Spanish... the original Spanish)
I can play almost any instrument. (not well, but I can play them.)
I love card games, but I hate Vegas.
I once flew out of a car window.
Being in the same room as Paige makes me happy.
I'm an Eagle Scout.
I love communications and advertising.
I get the urge to dance at all wedding receptions. (but I don't act on it... usually)
I hate nuts.
I have a milk shake almost every night.
The Simpsons is the coolest cartoon, aside from Thunder Cats.
I love it when our clients trust us with their memories.
I dig it when our clients become our friends. (both usually happen.)
My wife is my best friend.

We are Husband and Wife, Comedian and Chuckler, Light-placement specialist and Wardrobe fixer-upper.We are Partners and Best-friends (and so are you).We know the beauty and significance your wedding day holds for you and your fiance. We value and honor that beauty; Its what we strive to capture. We adore photographing families and couples, because we truly love each other.- and love can clearly see love.


Jordan & Freesia : Engagement Slideshow from Paige Green on Vimeo.

Engagement images of the amazingly adorable duo of Freesia and Jordan.
(now Mr. and Mrs.)

Kara and Scott Queen Mary Wedding from Paige Green on Vimeo.

We are not film makers or wedding videographers.
We're photographers having fun with some awesome clients and new cameras.

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