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Dedicated February 2020

Windy Beach Wedding - Need Hair Help

Michelle, on February 3, 2020 at 5:26 AM Posted in Hair and Makeup 0 7
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So I've had 2 hair trials with my normal stylist. She won't be doing my wedding hair because we're having a destination wedding. Less than 3 weeks out, I'm starting to freak out. So, I need advice. I am getting married on a beach in Hawaii on the windy side of the island. We're having a *formal* beach wedding, which is unusual, I'm aware. I'm wearing a ballgown style dress, FH and all GM are in 3 piece black tuxes, etc. I feel like my stylist did a good job mimicking the photos I showed her, but I hated how it looked on me. Basically, they just look way too casual and frizzy. I'm really not sure what to do. 1) I want to wear a barrette and will have a veil for the ceremony, and my favorite hairstyle is half up half down. I do NOT want an updo. So far, my favorite look was from my engagement photos, however, which was just down and curly. (On an extremely windy beach). No idea how a veil would work with that though?2) I hate when there is a "bump", which is very trendy now, and it makes your hair tall3) I have no idea how my hair isn't going to just immediately fall flat, because it did in a dry climate with no wind almost immediately 4) I know my hair will fall and relax, which is fine, but I hate when my hair gets frizzy. Yes, I have frizzy prone hair on a humid windy beach, so that's a thing. But my engagement photos weren't frizzy at all, while my hair trials were immediately frizzy.5) My wedding HMA is scheduled to start me at 12pm. I need to be done at 1. Is that enough time for both hair and makeup? I'm getting nervous there won't be time if I don't like it, need her to adjust, etc. Like there's no buffer. My first bm starts at 9.
So, should I keep doing hair trials? Anyone have any better hair suggestions or solutions? Can/should I ask to go earlier?
Pics of engagement photos and trials and original inspiration picsWindy Beach Wedding - Need Hair Help 1
Windy Beach Wedding - Need Hair Help 2
Windy Beach Wedding - Need Hair Help 3
Windy Beach Wedding - Need Hair Help 4
Windy Beach Wedding - Need Hair Help 5
Windy Beach Wedding - Need Hair Help 6
Windy Beach Wedding - Need Hair Help 7
Windy Beach Wedding - Need Hair Help 8
Windy Beach Wedding - Need Hair Help 9


  • Kristen
    Rockstar November 2020
    Kristen Online ·
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    Okay so here's the reality of things. You are getting married on the windy side of the beach so you can probably do half up half down but still be aware that your hair is going to be blowing. Also for your Veil you may want to look into some body tape or find other creative ways to keep it from blowing too much. In regards to timing you need to get in touch with your hmua in Hawaii as they are the ones that should know best for timing. Cuz I know from me when I asked how long can hair and makeup take I'm usually here in about an hour and a half. If your bridal party is planning getting makeup to a can take much longer. Now if you are prone to frizzy hair you may want to consider an up to or maybe have all of your hair braided because I don't know about Hawaii but I do live near the beaches and it can cause humidity pending on which time you go. Have you ever considered doing a side sweep to your hair style your hair is still down but it can also be pinned up in a way to where it won't blow as much? I was just really say in regards to timing the people that will know best will be your photographer and the hmua as they will have experience in that. I would email them or give them a call and ask them when is the best time to do everything and also I would really ask the h m u a local what kind of hairstyle is best for a windy Beach especially for your hair type.
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  • KaiJan33
    Dedicated July 2021
    KaiJan33 ·
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    Hi Michelle! I totally understand what you're going through. I am also getting married in Hawaii - Maui specifically on the beach. As for timing of hair and makeup, I've been told about an hour for each. But that depends on complexity and how easy everything is to work with. I agree with Kristen ask your HMUA.
    As for hairstyle, I will be doing a loose updo (haven't done a trial yet) but other options I looked into are one braid type style just so I wouldn't have to move hair out of my face a ton. My other question is are both your ceremony and reception outside? Or is one inside? Windy Beach Wedding - Need Hair Help 10

    Windy Beach Wedding - Need Hair Help 11
    Windy Beach Wedding - Need Hair Help 12

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  • MOB So Cal
    January 2019
    MOB So Cal ·
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    Did your stylist use any product in your hair and/or blow it out straight/smooth before she started curling it? I'm sorry, but even just in the salon, still sitting in the chair, it doesn't seem to have been well styled -- it looks pretty limp and kind of frizzy (but the photos might be really bad?). Based on your photos, I believe daughter's hair is probably pretty similar in length, style, texture, and even color. Her hair frizzes a LOT (we live on the CA coast) -- so much that she immediately discounted any "beachside" venues because she was convinced her hair would be super frizzy and hard to control. She had an excellent, highly experience wedding HMUA, who used a lot of product to first get daughter's hair smooth, then curled it all (spraying each curl right off the curling iron), then styled it. Ultimately, daughter choose a curled/braided updo and looked gorgeous for more than 14 hours. I understand that's not the style you want, but I'd definitely look for a HMUA who is very experienced with different hair textures and knows how to work with them and what products to use to get the results you want. I also agree with pp about figuring out how to potentially anchor your veil -- there have been so many posts from brides whose veils were flying all over the place at a windy venue. Good luck! Fingers-crossed your find your perfect stylist! Smiley heart

    Also, daughter's hair and make-up combined took about 2 hours -- I'd be very concerned about only an hour for both. It was the same stylist, and she went back & forth between the two services, starting with "prepping" daughter's hair (blowing it smooth, curling and spraying the curls), then she did daughter's make-up (allowing time for her hair to "cool" and the curls to set), then styled her hair. As MOB, with much shorter hair than daughter, my two services took 1.5 hrs.

    PS -- a loose braid (which starts out fairly tight, and then the stylist selectively loosens it) might hold better and look more polished than the way your hair is twisted in the trials.

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  • Anna
    Super August 2020
    Anna ·
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    Not going to lie- it doesn't look very well done. What about a more structured half up/half down look? Something like these options keeps the length but is still more "up" and pinned back from the face.

    Windy Beach Wedding - Need Hair Help 13

    Windy Beach Wedding - Need Hair Help 14

    .....Windy Beach Wedding - Need Hair Help 15

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  • Kristen
    Rockstar November 2020
    Kristen Online ·
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    I would go with these as you avoid an updo but yeah if you are getting married on a windy beach you do not want hair blowing everywhere. My friend got married on a beach in Florida and wore a half up do and she said everything was blowing. I do agree with some of the pp's as well to look for a stylist that knows how to deal with all kinds of hair. I know you will find something but I think for our different situations we need to adjust our wants. For example, I want an outdoor wedding and FL weather is hit or miss so I am gonna pay extra for airbrush so it will last longer and not budge from sweat. I also won't wear my hair fully down as it will be near the bay and it could get windy.

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  • Tara
    Savvy June 2021
    Tara ·
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    I agree with the PP. I would also look into possibly having a treatment done that eliminates frizz for a period of time. My sister is a hair stylist and does many weddings. I have thin hair that is prone to getting frizzy and she recommended getting a cezzane treatment prior. I would look into other types of keratin hair treatments to prevent your hair from becoming frizzy on the day of.
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  • Kari
    VIP May 2020
    Kari ·
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    I don't think it makes sense to keep doing hair trials with a stylist who won't be doing your hair on the actual day of your wedding. All stylists have their own products they like to use, and frizz should be able to be controlled, to some extent, with the right product. So if that is the biggest thing that is bothering you about the way your hair looked when your stylist did it then I wouldn't discount any of the styles themselves and I also wouldn't get hung up on her not being able to do a frizz free version. If you have the budget for more trials, I would see if you can book a trial with the stylist who will be doing your wedding day hair, even if its just a couple of days before your wedding. As MOB So Cal said, with the right product and technique you should be able to make these styles look a lot more refined and polished - product, straighten/smooth, and then style (perhaps with more product) would be the technique I would recommend as well.

    I think all of these styles look nice on you. They are going to look less full than on the models because your hair isn't as long or as thick. If you want that type of volume, you'll need extensions. I have fine hair too, and it definitely is more prone to frizzing and static than thicker locks.

    On a windy beach, I would definitely recommend sticking with a half-up, half-down look as opposed to having your hair all down. You don't know which way the wind will be blowing, so while it looked fine in your engagement photos it will not look the same if you aren't facing into the wind, and not having any of your hair pulled back away from your face could mean that your hair gets in the way and just becomes a tangled mess in your eyes and mouth. Having your hair half-up will do a better job of keeping it out of your eyes.

    For your veil, are what length is it and does it have any extra details or is it plain tulle? Veils with beading, rhinestones, or pearls will be less prone to blowing around and tangling than one that is just a lightweight fabric with no heavier details. A cathedral length veil is longer and therefore heavier, but also has more fabric to catch the wind than a shorter fingertip length (or shorter) veil. Do you have a bridesmaid that can hold back your veil if needed? In general, veils and wind don't mix well, so I'd have a plan B in place, just so make sure the veil isn't whipping in your face or getting tangled during your ceremony.

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