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Who is more likely to check their phone during the wedding? You or your fiancé(e)??

Lynnie, on May 16, 2018 at 2:53 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 190

Time to spill about your relationship and planning habits!!

Whether you're checking a sports score or posting a selfie, it can be hard to put your phone down all day! So... who is more likely to check their phone during the wedding - you or your fiancé(e)?

Who is more likely to check their phone during the wedding? You or your fiancé(e)?? 1

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Who is more likely to check their phone during the wedding? You or your fiancé(e)?? 2

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Latest activity by Michelle, on December 30, 2020 at 2:25 AM
  • Jennifer
    Master September 2018
    Jennifer ·
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    Neither we make a conscious effort to be present most of the time, everyone we love will be there, why check it?

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  • Pegs
    VIP July 2018
    Pegs ·
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    I think we'll both check it very rarely.

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  • B
    Devoted January 2019
    Brittany ·
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    Me but I plan on being phone free for most of it
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  • J
    Super June 2019
    JuneBride ·
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    I think both of us will be too busy to be on our phones.

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  • Aliah
    Devoted September 2018
    Aliah ·
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    I think we’ll be too busy but I’ll try to sneak a selfie eventually.. 😉
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  • Mrs. Sponge
    Master April 2018
    Mrs. Sponge ·
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    H, my friend took my phone before the ceremony started and didn't see it again until later that night. I have to remind H sometimes to put the phone down.

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  • MrsV1027
    Master October 2018
    MrsV1027 ·
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    Me. He doesn't even know where his phone is half the time. I'm going to wear shorts with pockets under my dress to hold my phone though so it will be out of reach most of the night lol

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  • Miaaa
    Super January 2018
    Miaaa ·
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    I left my phone at home the day of because I didn't want to have to go searching for it and who has it.

    My H had his phone but only checked it once or twice when our planner called. We were too busy to even be on our phones.

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  • AugustBride
    Super August 2018
    AugustBride ·
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    He will probably be on it before I am lol. I would be too busy dancing and most likely also drinking!

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  • Xandria
    VIP December 2018
    Xandria ·
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    If one of us does it'll be me. BUT i'm going to make SUCH an effort not to.

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  • KarenO
    Master June 2018
    KarenO ·
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    Me, but I don't think I will check it often or really even think about it.

    FH doesn't even have a cell phone - he always loses them. But, by the time of the wedding he'll probably have one.

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  • CBD to Be
    Expert June 2018
    CBD to Be ·
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    I don't think either of us will have the time! But if someone's going to selfie, it'll be me Smiley smile

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  • Mrs.W.
    VIP June 2018
    Mrs.W. ·
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    Definitely me. He barely ever looks at his phone. Though I may just leave it locked up and not even have it.

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  • Amber
    Beginner May 2023
    Amber ·
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    Him. He’s obsessed with his phone.
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  • Kayla
    Expert January 2019
    Kayla ·
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    Neither of us, we never really look at them when we're together
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  • E
    Beginner September 2020
    Elizabeth ·
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    Neither of us unless one of my family members can't make it then I may just text them real quick and be done
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  • Brianna
    VIP May 2018
    Brianna ·
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    Probably neither of us. Everyone who is important will be there that day.

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  • M
    Beginner October 2018
    Moriah ·
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    Neither. We won’t have our phones on us.
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  • Ericha
    Devoted November 2018
    Ericha ·
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    If I have enough time to, that will probably be me. Lol! I'll be curious to see what pics people are posting 😉
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  • A_Mart
    Super June 2018
    A_Mart ·
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    Neither! Unplugged ceremony for the win!

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