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Who chose the honeymoon destination? You or your fiancé(e)??

Lynnie, on May 16, 2018 at 2:53 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 166

Time to spill about your relationship and planning habits!!

Who made all the travel plans? Who chose the honeymoon destination - you or your fiancé(e)? 🛩️🏖️

Who chose the honeymoon destination? You or your fiancé(e)?? 1Photo from Thailand Honeymoons

Who chose the honeymoon destination? You or your fiancé(e)?? 2

Photo from Tahiti Honeymoons

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Latest activity by Squeezy Bean, on December 30, 2020 at 1:01 AM
  • Mrs. H
    Master September 2019
    Mrs. H ·
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    We agreed on Aruba together. We are constantly watching HGTV's "How Close Can I Beach" and other international house hunting shows, so we made a list and narrowed it down after doing some research on our top three spots.

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  • Pegs
    VIP July 2018
    Pegs ·
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    We both did. We couldn't decide on one destination, so we agreed he would pick a place for 5 days, and I would pick a place for 5 days.

    I chose Switzerland (I wanted mountains, cities, and beautiful landscapes)

    He chose Barcelona (He wanted beach, city, and relaxation)

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  • J
    Super June 2019
    JuneBride ·
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    We both did. He wanted to show me Ireland (his heritage). I wanted to show him Spain and Portugal (part of my heritage). If we had more time I would also show him Italy (my other part), but that will after to be a separate vacation.

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  • Jennifer
    Master September 2018
    Jennifer ·
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    We both did. We are big into seeing everything on our bucket lists in the US before heading out of the country so we partnered that with our love of hiking and are heading to Utah & Arizona for two weeks!

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  • Aliah
    Devoted September 2018
    Aliah ·
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    He did, I offered suggestions but gave the final decision to him. He got an suggestion from one of the doctor’s at his job to look at our location & we never looked at another location since
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  • B
    Devoted January 2019
    Brittany ·
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    I did the research and we agreed on a locationn
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  • MrsV1027
    Master October 2018
    MrsV1027 ·
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    Neither sadly. We can't afford a honeymoon.

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  • Mrs. Sponge
    Master April 2018
    Mrs. Sponge ·
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    We had agreed on our original honeymoon idea of London together, but when that didn't work out we started looking for cheaper, more relaxing options. I found a buy one get one 50% off deal for Royal Caribbean and told H and he said book it.

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  • KarenO
    Master June 2018
    KarenO ·
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    We chose it together, but mostly me. His first choice was St. Thomas, solely because his name is Thomas, but after I did some research, Punta Cana seemed to be the better option for us.

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  • JustKidding
    VIP April 2018
    JustKidding ·
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    I've always wanted to go to Greece. So, when it came down to it, he said he was fine with going there. It just worked out.

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  • Xandria
    VIP December 2018
    Xandria ·
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    We'll pick together. We still have no idea where we're going to go.....

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  • CBD to Be
    Expert June 2018
    CBD to Be ·
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    We made a list of possible destinations together and narrowed them down based on criteria we agreed on together as well

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  • MsMyWay
    Dedicated August 2018
    MsMyWay ·
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    I did. I did all the research 😫
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  • Mrs.W.
    VIP June 2018
    Mrs.W. ·
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    Him. I almost 100% let him pick that out, though I've very happy with it.

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  • Shenita
    Savvy September 2018
    Shenita ·
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    I gave suggestions and he told me what he thought. It was both a collaborative effort. I just did the research part.
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  • Brianna
    VIP May 2018
    Brianna ·
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    We pretty much chose it together, but I think he made the final decision to have it be California. Although I've done most of the research and planning for it... lol.

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  • Amber
    Beginner May 2023
    Amber ·
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    We haven’t decided that yet, but we recently discussed Disney or Bora Bora. So, we’ll see. We’re both amisement park junkies and he’s never been to Disney, so that option is looking really good.
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  • Kayla
    Expert January 2019
    Kayla ·
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    Me i have always wanted to go to Hawaii and he has always wanted to take me so the honeymoon is the perfect time!
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  • E
    Beginner September 2020
    Elizabeth ·
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    We both are going to make the decision together
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  • M
    Beginner October 2018
    Moriah ·
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    We both did! We are going to Hawaii!
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