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Where are you going for your bach party?

Lynnie, on July 2, 2019 at 11:59 AM Posted in Parties and Events 0 126
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It's party time! Where are you going for your bachelor(ette) party? Is it a surprise for you or yet to be determined? Are you going out to bars, to the beach, to the spa or a paint and sip night?

Anyone going away for a destination weekend?

Where are you going for your bach party? 1

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  • CourtneyBrittain
    Master August 2019
    We are doing an overnight in Dallas, TX at a hotel my sister got really cheap since she works for them! It鈥檒l be lots of fun 馃槉
  • Jess
    Super September 2019

    We are doing a Fri-Sun in Wildwood NJ! I've never been there before so I'm super excited!

  • E
    Dedicated October 2020
    Hasn't been decided for sure yet but I've talked to my MOH about doing a weekend away in either Charleston, Asheville, or Savannah
  • NextChapterReady
    Super October 2019

    It's a surprise! My MOH is planning everything!

  • Leslie
    Devoted August 2019
    All I know is my MOH is planning a weekend of some kind, the rest is a surprise!
  • Mandi
    Rockstar March 2020
    I'm not sure. Hoping to be pleasantly surprised.
  • Becca
    Super August 2019
    Hampton Beach in New Hampshire for a long weekend
  • Brianna
    Super October 2019

    We are going to tunica to the hollywood casino! One of my BM's parents go regularly so we get a free room for the night

  • Amanda
    Expert October 2019
    Either Hot Springs, AR for a spa weekend or Dallas, TX.
  • Jen
    Super May 2018

    I had a weekend in Lake Placid, NY.

  • Allie
    Rockstar August 2019

    Probably not having one. Don't have enough time or free weekends left! If we do something, it will probably be just a dinner in my hometown or having some wine at home.

  • Heather
    Expert April 2020

    Going to NOLA for about 4 days! We haven't decided what we are going to do yet, haven't had time to research.

  • Fenja
    Expert June 2020

    That's not sure yet... but we might have one in the Netherlands!!

  • Lizzy
    Super October 2019
    I'm not sure, but I live near Chicago and I'm hoping for Lake Geneva or Galena. One of my girls is pregnant and can't travel too far
  • Jessica
    VIP September 2020
    My MOH really wants to take me to Vegas, but FH wants to do a joint bachelor/bachelorette party do we鈥檒l probably go down to Denver.
  • Kelsey
    Super September 2020
    Kelsey Online

    We are having a joint party in the Wisconsin Dells; most of my FH's friends live out of state so it will be a great time to get to know them better plus then everyone can bring a plus one.

  • Catie
    Beginner September 2022
    We decided not to do one but instead relax at home and watch movies
  • Ashley
    Dedicated May 2020
    Probably Kansas City because it鈥檚 out of town for most of my girls and still pretty new to me!
  • Crystal
    Dedicated September 2020
    No idea yet but I want to keep it fun and relaxing!!! And nothing pen!$ shaped
  • Arkilia
    Super October 2020
    Either Mexico we have a family friend who who has a beautiful villa or Napa/Sonoma

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