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What's a average price for a wedding dress?

Brittany, on September 29, 2016 at 1:50 AM

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What's a average price for a wedding dress? I found a dress that I love and it costs 1250. Is that reasonable? Also how much are alterations usually?

What's a average price for a wedding dress? I found a dress that I love and it costs 1250. Is that reasonable? Also how much are alterations usually?


  • JoRocka
    Master September 2016
    JoRocka ·

    That's "average" for what many people pay.


    But it doesn't matter if it's "average" it only matters if you can afford it or not.

    Keep in mind- my 580$ dress- I walked out at just under 700$ with tax and the belt I purchased.

    Alterations were over half the actual cost of the dress.

    So- all in all my dress and alterations was 1030$.

    So- yes- it's fine to go "over" a little if it's really what you want and you can afford it- but keep in mind the costs don't stop there- you have to get it fitted- and that WILL cost you.

  • Private_User804
    Master November 2016
    Private_User804 ·

    Know what you can afford before you shop! And figure into that price your tax, shipping, foundation garments, jewelry, veil/headpiece and alteration costs.

    You can get wedding dresses for $250 on modcloth, white BM dresses from Azazie, or gently used dresses online and at local consignment stores for under $500. You can spend $22,000 on a custom or designer piece. And anywhere in between. The most popular designers (Maggie Sottero, Stella York, Justin Alexander, etc) tend to be priced between $1300-2500 for a new, ordered-to-your-measurements gown.

  • SuYa
    Master April 2017
    SuYa ·

    Mine was $1,050

  • Kasi P.
    Dedicated October 2016
    Kasi P. ·

    My dress MSRP was $1360 and I bought the sample so they gave it to me for $680. With tax and storage it was $738 total.

    Alterations cost $406.38 (would have been $486.38 with bustle)

    Front hem: $150

    Cleaning/Steaming: $100

    Bra cups added: $25

    Custom Straps: $55

    Sides taken in $50

    She ended up doing the bustle, but since I had specifically requested it not be done, she didn't charge me for it.

    I wanted my end total for my dress to be about $500-$600, however, it was more important to me to have my mom with me when I picked the dress, than saving money. So the actual dress being over price wasn't too bad. The Alterations, I could have gone someplace closer to me and gotten a better deal, but it was the shop my Bridal Shop recommended.

  • Seale
    Master November 2017
    Seale ·

    Eh. I originally budgeted for a $600 dress. The one I'm getting is a little over $900 but they're allowing me to make payments on it. Also, it was a sale price because I'm buying from the rack instead of ordering. If I ordered the dress, it would be over 2,000. I discussed it with FH, explained that I'm going to be clocking in overtime for the next three months, and he said if I really love the dress to get it.

  • alexis
    Dedicated October 2016
    alexis ·

    Mine was 1790. I went in pretty open minded about style,etc. I tried everything( all styles) and went back to it. With alterations(bustle, cups, and hem) it was $2500.

  • Kelsey
    VIP December 2016
    Kelsey ·

    My dress is very similar to that one (style, beading, lace) and I paid $1350. My original budget was $1200 but I upped it to $1500 right before I went shopping.

    Alterations depend entirely on how much work the dress needs. I know mine will be a lot because I need a significant hem, it needs to be taken in by quite a bit especially at the top where the beads are, and the bustle I want is pretty elaborate.

  • LynZLeigh
    VIP June 2017
    LynZLeigh ·

    Mine was around $1800. For most boutiques I visited, your price is on the normal end. But, of course, there are beautiful options for less that might just take some digging.

  • B
    Super June 2017
    Brandi ·

    That's a beautiful dress!!

  • Brooke
    Super January 2018
    Brooke ·

    Everyone has a different budget. My dress cost me $750, and my beaded belt for it cost $200. So $950 total. I won't need any alterations. It fits like a glove and is the perfect length

  • Julie
    Savvy May 2017
    Julie ·

    My first wedding, I spent $2k, but it a choice we made as a couple. It had a lot of beading and a bit of a train. This time around, I am going low key and fairly simplistic... I've found one I am IN LOVE with, and it's under $200.00 out the door. It's all up to you, your budget, and what you can slide around to afford other things on your budget

  • Jenna
    Super July 2017
    Jenna ·

    Mine was $2,100 no alterations yet, but it was originally $3,800

  • AshMar
    Master April 2017
    AshMar ·

    Spend what u feel is comfortable for your budget. Also, do not forget to add it alterations/bra/slip

  • FutureMrsBowen
    Devoted June 2017
    FutureMrsBowen ·

    My budget was $1500 and literally my total with veil was $1498!! I may or may not need alterations. I only tried on dresses that were in my budget and since I loved the dress I was ok going over a little bit- but ended up $2 under

  • Alicia
    Super November 2016
    Alicia ·

    Mine was originally $1900 but I bought off the rack and it was on sale for 50% off..SCORE.

  • OriginalKD
    Master December 2015
    OriginalKD ·

    This is a budget dependent question. My dress was around 10% of my budget.

  • Erin Wood
    Master July 2017
    Erin Wood ·

    It all depends on where you go. I went to David's Bridal last night and didn't try on anything over $1,500. The places I went last weekend were more in the $2,800 range.

  • Krista933
    Super July 2016
    Krista933 ·

    Mine was around $2500 without alterations.

  • Bailee
    Devoted December 2017
    Bailee ·

    I spent $1700 for everything. Dress, sash, veil and all alterations. I just had a bustle put in and I got it hemmed.

  • Ivette&Trevor
    Super November 2017
    Ivette&Trevor ·

    I paid $850 for mine

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