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What's a average price for a wedding dress?

Brittany, on September 29, 2016 at 1:50 AM

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What's a average price for a wedding dress? I found a dress that I love and it costs 1250. Is that reasonable? Also how much are alterations usually?

What's a average price for a wedding dress? I found a dress that I love and it costs 1250. Is that reasonable? Also how much are alterations usually?


  • LosForTheWin
    VIP July 2017
    LosForTheWin ·

    Total with alterations I'm going to have spent around $400; however, mine was also not technically a wedding dress.

  • Space Princess
    VIP April 2017
    Space Princess ·

    I paid 400 for mine

  • Sarah
    Devoted September 2017
    Sarah ·

    There is such a range on dress prices that it's hard to pick an average.

    Also factor in how important "the dress" is to you.

    For me the dress is super important... So I paid for the perfect Watters dress, and it will end up being 3800 plus whatever alterations come out to be. I knew after I tried on that dress nothing would compare. With that being said my dress budget was 5000 so I still stayed under budget.

  • Bride2b
    VIP September 2016
    Bride2b ·

    My advice to all brides is have a low budget for the dress. By the time you accessorize, add your veil, and alterations the price can easily double.

  • Sarahmouche
    Master January 2017
    Sarahmouche ·

    If you get this, can you pull from other areas of your attire budget to cover it? I.e. spend less on shoes/veil/jewelry? It's pretty and that price seems fine to me but it's such a personal decision re: budget

  • xray12280
    Master June 2017
    xray12280 ·

    My dress was 1295 plus tax. Just got an alterations quote last night and I'm looking at about $500 for that. That includes changing the zipper to a corset, hem, bustle, and if the side seems need adjusting.

  • Maui K
    VIP May 2017
    Maui K ·

    It's beautiful! Just keep in mind that there will be alteration costs as well, most likely

  • SetinStone
    Dedicated November 2018
    SetinStone ·

    I spent $130 on mine. All depends on taste, style, and budget. Our budget is very small. And our style is very modest and simple. I was trying to stay within $500 for mine. And I'm very happy with the (very low priced) dress I decided on!

    If you and your FH are comfortable with that price, then, say Yes to the dress!

  • Diane
    VIP October 2016
    Diane ·

    Yes mine was also $1250 for an Allure gown.

    ETA: store owner offers free alterations with purchase so that was big cost savings. Try to find a boutique that may offer something like that.

  • 2HeartsBeatas1
    Super July 2017
    2HeartsBeatas1 ·

    I spend 484.00 on mines and I loved it I tried on more expensive dresses and did not feel like it was the one for me budget was for my dress was 1200 so I am saving almost 800 dollars to go to something else ..but it all about what's in your budget and what you love

  • MoweryMe
    VIP April 2017
    MoweryMe ·

    Mine is costing me $700 with alterations and shipping

  • YouCanCallMeDot
    VIP January 2017
    YouCanCallMeDot ·

    Your alterations are going to vary based on what you need. On my dress I need it shortened and it has a scalloped lace edge. I also need to have cups added and have the top portion made smaller. If I only needed a basic hem or just cups added it would cost much less.

  • Kimberly
    Super November 2017
    Kimberly ·

    The dresses I looked at (Davids Bridal & Alfred Angelo) we 800-1500... not including alterations. My dress was 1700, I got it for 1000. That was expensive for me, but they got me because I fell in love with the dress!!!

  • Jess
    Dedicated September 2017
    Jess ·

    Mine was 3700 but with no alterations yet.

  • Brittany
    Savvy June 2017
    Brittany ·

    @MzRosaLu i found the pic on one of the random websites. I just dont have a good pic of me in it. Im going back sometime next week to try it on again.

    Im also getting the dress at Vows, which is on the TLC's show I Found the Gown. So i think that makes the dress special as well. Im having a destination wedding, so by me saving so much money by doing that, that I think Im going to spend the extra money and get what I want

  • Natasha
    VIP January 2017
    Natasha ·

    I think that is average for a dress. If it is not in your budget I would look around more. You never know what you might find.

  • MrsKristenS
    Master August 2016
    MrsKristenS ·

    Mine was $1900.

  • FutMcFarland
    Super January 2017
    FutMcFarland ·

    It depends on what type of dress you want. I got mine for 1300

  • Mrs Richmond
    Master June 2017
    Mrs Richmond ·

    Like everyone has said, what is "reasonable" is up to you.

    I went in with a $2000 budget and got mine for $1100 so to me, that is very reasonable. But is it what you want? Is it worth going over budge for? Are there other areas you can cut to make up for that $250? Have you factored in alterations?

    I think the dress is beautiful and I do think that's a fair price to pay. But again, that's not up to me - it's up to you.

  • EM
    Master April 2017
    EM ·

    My dress was around $2300, no alterations yet. I never would have spent that much on a dress but my mom was actually heart broken that I didn't want her to buy it for me, so she eventually wore me down and we purchased it.

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