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What went wrong on your wedding day?

ReadyToBeARathfon, on January 21, 2016 at 7:55 AM

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I've always heard something will go wrong. My first time married I almost had no shoes and my mil and mom got into moments before I walked down the isle. I'm trying to explain to FH that I won't be upset when something goes astray because it happens at every wedding. For those who have been married...

I've always heard something will go wrong. My first time married I almost had no shoes and my mil and mom got into moments before I walked down the isle. I'm trying to explain to FH that I won't be upset when something goes astray because it happens at every wedding. For those who have been married or were part of wedding, what crazy things happened or went wrong?


  • Kris
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    Kris ·
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    My tux rental place was terrible! Two days before the wedding we went to get DH's tux, and they tried to give him a stained shirt, and the vest was to small. The manager assured us she would rush order a new shirt and vest to be in the day before the wedding. They got him a different shirt, but still the same size vest. It was so tight on him that after he drank and ate all day he had to unbutton it by the end of the reception. My brothers tux didn't fit him AT all. You can see in pics that it's so tight.

    When we did the cake cutting the DJ didn't announce it, so the only people there to see were the photographers.

    ETA: my ring bearer was being a brat the entire day. He barely mass it up the aisle. He wouldn't get in any pics at church, and only got in a few others. I should have known better lol

    ETA 2: our rehearsed 1st dance: we both kept tripping over my dress. no one noticed but is though.

    My brothers tux

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  • Jennifer
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    Lets see.... Going back down the aisle after the ceremony I forgot my bouquet from my sister, so my ex-husband's bm held it down the aisle... Then, after pictures, my sister didn't know how to bustle my dress (she was an out of town MoH), and she couldn't find all the button loops... People were stepping on me all throughout the reception. Ended up ripping the dress really bad. Then, my ex-husband and his mom told me *I* had to be the one to greet everybody after dinner, even though I didn't know half the guests, and I'm not a people person, so I had to awkwardly introduce myself and meet people that I didn't know, and accept cards from them with money all night while my *Dear Husband* sat back and hung out with his buddies and danced. I don't think I danced more than twice. THEN... he was so paranoid about all the money and the actual gifts that he felt they needed to be locked up at his parents house THAT NIGHT, that the cottage we'd rented for the night wouldn't do. So he packed everything into the car and left for an hour to bring them to his parents. In the mean time, I'm in my dress in our room... waiting... cause I can't get out of it without help and its 4am. So I fell asleep in my dress waiting for him. And finally, he got pissed because I fell asleep in my dress.....

    So, Make sure you have somebody who knows how to bustle your dress!! That's the biggest piece of advice I can make... The biggest thing that happened that involved the actual wedding, not my ex acting like he wanted to be an ex.

    So.... yea. Ex-Husband. LOL

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  • mrsrobinvalentine
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    mrsrobinvalentine ·
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    My now step daughter broke the zipper on my wedding dress. I had to be sewed into my dress. My sister believes it was done on purpose. I was told that, she proceeded to cry and I do mean cry all they way down the aisle, smh. Her nose was running and she couldn't stop sniffling.

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  • Sassy Cincy Bride
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    Sassy Cincy Bride ·
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    Our wedding was like a sitcom is some ways. The power was out at our venue until noon, the votive holders disappeared and the grooms aunt broke her ankle delivering our cake. After the wedding this was all funny.

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  • Reese
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    Reese ·
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    A PP's response reminded me of another one. H's pants ripped right when he got to the venue! Luckily my mom had brought a mini sewing kit and his mom sewed them up. We got some good pictures of that Smiley smile

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  • Amber
    July 2017
    Amber ·
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    Mine were minor issues!! Our wedding day was truly beautiful. Nonetheless, the night before was a stressor. The Hampton inn hotel was HIDEOUS & MOH called during the rehearsal, which only left us with half the time. It was scary, but thankfully we found a hotel for the groomsmen & bridesmaids to get ready in, since grandpa's den looked HORRIBLE with yellow lighting. Thankful for my MOH more the words can say, the Double Tree in Cleveland SAVED US! And gosh, the wedding video for getting ready even is so beautiful! Thank you P47!!

    Other than that, pink petals florist did not keep their word & my roses were nothing like what I wanted & they had a green tint & no glitter or gems on the roses. SO PLAIN, I am NOT a plain girl, lol...champagne taste, baby. 30 min before the wedding, the GF went to get glitter to make them pretty...I was so thankful. The roses being so ugly made me so mad, you have no idea, but I didn't let it ruin my day & it made for a great story... the glitter truly saved us. The other thing was my little 4yr old ring bearer forgot his pillow, but thankfully I brought a cute gray ( matched groomsmen attire) ring box, & it was even more perfect! Finally, not a big deal but I specifically wanted cupcakes to match our wedding cake ONLY & the GM was the one to pick up the wedding cake & she thought she was picking up cupcakes, she bought 50 chocolate cupcakes with all kinds of green and purple frosting (did not match). I freaked out at first when she told me, but calmed down & told her to nor have them use them until the end of the night & that's what they did, so everything did match after all. All in all, an AMAZING wedding day. Truly no regrets.😁 May 22, 2021
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