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What went wrong on your wedding day?

ReadyToBeARathfon, on January 21, 2016 at 7:55 AM

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I've always heard something will go wrong. My first time married I almost had no shoes and my mil and mom got into moments before I walked down the isle. I'm trying to explain to FH that I won't be upset when something goes astray because it happens at every wedding. For those who have been married...

I've always heard something will go wrong. My first time married I almost had no shoes and my mil and mom got into moments before I walked down the isle. I'm trying to explain to FH that I won't be upset when something goes astray because it happens at every wedding. For those who have been married or were part of wedding, what crazy things happened or went wrong?


  • Allison
    Master May 2015
    Allison ·
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    This was my cake an hour after it was delivered. my day of asked the baker how to make sure it didn't "melt" and they followed their directions, yet while I was on my honeymoon I got email after email about what "REALLY" happened from the bakery. It was a bunch of bullshit and I wouldn't ever recommend them to anyone. The middle was also supposed to be purple rosettes, not white.

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  • Waychox3
    Master September 2016
    Waychox3 ·
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    FH and I started dating the summer that FBIL and fsil got married. I'm super close with fsil now but didn't really know her well at the time, but I ended up helping with the wedding all the way up til the rd. Here's what went wrong:

    1. Her MOH was completely useless, don't volunteer to help and then bail because you decided to get married the following week. Mind you fsil had been planning for a year while her MOH and now ex husband get engaged in June and got married the 2nd week of August. It's 3 days before the wedding and we are all over at fils visiting with oot guests when FBIL comes up to me and tells me that fsil is at their house bawling because her MOH told her "I can't help you with your wedding, I'm planning mine. Besides not everything is about you!" We were all afraid she wasn't going to show up to the wedding.

    2. I didn't spend the night with FH since he had the rehersal/dinner and I had work, the next morning when I get to the church I'm looking at FH and thinking something didn't look right. He had the wrong color tie, he left it on the bed and took his cousins much darker purple tie. It's a joke now that our BM and FBIL will have a back up tie for fh.

    3. When it came time for the father/daughter dance we couldn't find fob. The dj started playing the music before we found him.

    4. There was a light breeze and b it kept knocking the tall skinny centerpieces over.

    In all honesty, we had SO much fun! I can't wait for ours!

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  • Courtney
    VIP June 2016
    Courtney ·
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    I don't even want to read these because I'm already nervous what might go wrong with ours....!!

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  • Kristy
    Master November 2015
    Kristy ·
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    Nothing WRONG exactly... but it was a freakishly cold day for our outdoor wedding!!

    The day before was gorgeous, but the wedding day was FREEZING! I barely noticed it in the excitement, and the guests were all troopers bundling up. The layers came off as everyone danced up a storm! It was great! Smiley smile

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  • VWCat
    Master October 2015
    VWCat ·
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    I'm sitting here trying to think about it. There were things that went wrong, but I honestly don't remember them at the moment.... I'm just thinking of all the wonderful things that did go right.

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  • Original VC
    Master July 2015
    Original VC ·
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    The only thing that I still regret is that nobody realized my dress was bustled... not me, not the many people who could actually see the back of my dress, haha. The reason I still think of it is that there are no pics of the dress unbustled, and the dress trail is actually beautiful. But it didn't affect the day at all.

    Other small things that happened: the bridal room was locked, so two BMs had to force the lock to open the room, lol. I forgot my bouquet at the venue and wasn't able to retrieve it till the following Monday, but it was half dead by then, so I couldn't preserve it. But honestly I never think of these, unless I actually ask myself "did anything unexpected happen?"

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  • Original VC
    Master July 2015
    Original VC ·
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    Things from other weddings:

    - The mic failed during the ceremony, so nobody heard it. When you hire your DJ or venue, make sure to ask them if they have backup microphones in case anything goes wrong.

    - The groom forgot the liquor license at home (over an hour away from the venue), so they had to close the bar and it became a dry wedding for over two hours, while we waited for a GM to retrieve it. The poor GM didn't get to eat dinner Smiley sad

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  • Joelle
    Super June 2016
    Joelle ·
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    For my cousins wedding her mom was supposed to walk her down the Isle, but instead her mom tried killing herself 2 days before my cousins wedding so the attention was on my aunt instead of my cousin.

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  • Emmy
    Master January 2015
    Emmy ·
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    My favorite thing that went wrong was my older brothers suit shirt didn't fit him (he was a GM) so he had to cut slits in the back and sleeves to fit it during pics & the ceremony (why he didn't just wear a different shirt to begin with I'll never know) but after the ceremony he went and full on hulked out of it and then got a properly fitted shirt. It was hilarious.

    ETA: My second favorite thing that went wrong was the impromptu blizzard. We live in the midwest, that was always a possibility. Made for pretty pics and it really didn't stop anyone from coming.

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  • KM
    Master March 2015
    KM ·
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    My tablecloths were so crooked and no one bothered to take the basic white ones off the tables that had the blue ones I bought on them. So my sweetheart table literally had a layer of white under a layer of blue under sequins..all of which you could see. So ugly.

    My photographer decided that the best place to take pre ceremony pics was right outside of the chapel, so everyone coming into the chapel could see me before the ceremony, including my husband.

    My coordinator didn't show her face until 3 hours before the ceremony.

    My tealights were never put around the cake and lit.

    We had no steak knives for a steak dinner.

    We forgot to button my dress up after zipping it.

    I didn't like the general set up of my room but it was too late to change anything before I saw it.

    All minor, but I was really upset about it all. The end

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  • A&G
    Master August 2014
    A&G ·
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    The one thing I remember is not enough snacks while getting ready. I thought some fruit and timbits in the morning for the girls while we were getting ready would be enough. I completely forgot about lunch.

    Around 1pm my brother and friend went over to the nearby Wendy's to pick up chicken nuggets and fries because most of the wedding party was hungry (including myself) and wanted to much on something.

    Plan for extra food throughout the day before the wedding starts.

    Also, the DJ played the wrong song for the mother/son dance, but it was a song that his mom also loved, so it was no big deal.

    Make sure your DJ has a very clear list of the name of the song and artist of all the important songs.

    Twice throughout the evening we put the card box away thinking we had all the cards/gifts. But then someone always asked where it was and we had to bring it out again. It was a little annoying that people didn't see it on the way into the reception.

    Leave it out as long as possible and make sure you have someone watching it. Maybe even have someone reminding people early in the evening so then you can put it somewhere safe sooner.

    We planned to do all our pictures before the ceremony started, but there were so many pictures and just not enough time. Good thing we didn't have any plans during the cocktail hour and had some time to finish up the last few pictures we wanted.

    Plan too much time for pictures. You will end up using it all and maybe then some.

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  • amandal0514
    Devoted March 2016
    amandal0514 ·
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    If anything big went wrong I sure don't remember it. Only things I can recall were I was walking around on a still-healing broken toe from a slip a few weeks before and wedding pictures taking a lot longer than we had planned and left our guests waiting.

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  • Mrs.Goose
    VIP November 2015
    Mrs.Goose ·
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    Hmmm..well luckily nothing horribly went wrong on our day, but we did have a few points.

    -Our photog. kinda crapped out on us, even after going over everything with them. They didn't get have the shots we wanted/asked for (even with a list), they missed the one ceremony shot we set up for, we have no pictures of DH's mom and him together etc.

    - I had some family who made things a touch dramatic, that caused me to raise my voice. I maybe wish I was more chilled on that front, but no one was listening!

    -It rained like hell, which we took a chance on. Unfortunately, it left us with less then desirable shot locations.

    -Tripped on the first dance, but only we really noticed.

    -We had one wild card girl who showed her ass to everyone, got WAY too drunk and started talking to my SIL's unborn baby via her stomach/vagina area hahah. I saved her from that one. She also took a LOT of model shots in our photobooth which was so random haha.

    -We got overly rushed when the timeline didn't matter and it led to our parents and many guests missing the cake cutting. I wish I said something at the time, because at that point we didn't have to rush.

    -FH got sick on our wedding night and crashed quite quickly in bed. I ordered Free Pizza ,nachos and watched Fresh Prince of Bel Air in my fancy hotel robe hahaha.

    I think that was it...All in all, the day was perfect and those things didn't really matter. Also, the nachos were really good, so that's a plus haha.

    Edit: A peek at the modeling show we got to see post wedding/photobooth...This doesn't include the one where she was getting humped by her BF :/

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  • N
    Master November 2015
    NenaBear ·
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    Amandal0514 Are you talking about a previous wedding or someone else's..? Your date shows March 2016. Which hasn't arrived yet. I'm confused.

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  • Possum
    Master December 2015
    Possum ·
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    The funniest thing was I got a live bee stuck in the tulle on my skirt. DH has to flick the poor thing free.

    I did feel like throwing up the whole day for which my BM gave me her morning sickness pills to help, thank god!

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  • Lori
    Master June 2015
    Lori ·
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    My hellion of a ring bearer went totally wrong. He didn't make it into the ceremony- I knew this was going to happen and wanted him to be an "honorary ring bearer" and either walk down with one of his parents or just not walk at all, but SIL insisted. SIL (not his mom, the other one) was really scared to tell me before the ceremony for some reason. Whatever, it was better he wasn't in the church screaming the whole time. And at the reception he caused absolutely chaos. He kept running behind the bar and pulling whatever he could reach, including a towel that had a sharp paring knife on top of it. And he kept trying to unplug the DJ equipment.

    That's ok, in 20-30 years at his wedding, I'll just get shit faced drunk and finally get my revenge.

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  • Mrs. B
    Master October 2015
    Mrs. B ·
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    Things will definitely go wrong no matter how much you plan. Our wedding day was the most wonderful day of our lives and we had such a blast, which is very evident in our wedding video. The things that went wrong I was not aware of until a few weeks after the wedding. We picked October because we didn't want it to be too hot the day of the wedding, it ended up being 90? the day of. My make up was basically non existent by the end of the night, luckily I wore my hair up. I know there was nothing we could have done about the weather. (Side note: One of my MOHs, who is my sister, had a whole kit devoted to help keep my make up/sweaty face looking good, after the ceremony I only saw her from across the room maybe once or twice. The day went by so fast that I didn't think about it, in retrospect I wish I would have looked in the mirror because I had some shine in some of the reception pictures. Oh well.) We had about 40 no shows, but we also had over 280 guests there, the no shows were no missed. There were so many missed family pictures and I can't blame our photographer because before he left he did ask me if we wanted any additional photos and with the whirl of the day I said no, I definitely regret not getting any family pictures. Having the video definitely makes up for it because we have a highlight video, the entire ceremony and over 3 hours of the reception which showed so many relatives. Lastly, even though my DH and I danced ALL night, the DJ didn't end up being as great as we had originally thought he would be, that sucked because that made some people leave early.

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  • Julie
    Devoted March 2017
    Julie ·
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    @mrs goose. That is hilarious. I am laughing way more then I should be

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  • 2d Bride
    Champion October 2009
    2d Bride ·
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    At our wedding, one thing after another went wrong--and we completely failed to care:

    • The friends that were doing our video got on a plane that had mechanical difficulties, and didn't get in until sometime after 5:00 AM for a noon ceremony.

    • We had brought their dog up with us, because they couldn't take it on the plane. Because of the delay, we ended up sharing our bed with both our dog and theirs the night before the wedding.

    • The hair and make-up person got stuck in traffic and arrived about a half hour late, which meant the wedding ended up being a half hour late, too.

    • We forgot to bring the pictures of how we wanted our hair done to show her.

    • We had planned to have our veils over our faces during the processional, but forgot.

    • We had gotten a bunch of digital voice recorders to pick up the sound, but they never got turned on.

    • The rabbi mixed up the two rings, so NotFroofy ended up putting the wrong ring on my finger, and I had to switch them before putting the ring on her finger.

    • When we did the seven blessings, the rabbi accidentally did the Hebrew for one of them out of order (before a different English blessing), and then had to switch the next one to make up for it.

    • The pen for the ketubah disappeared, and we had to ask right in the middle of the ceremony if one of our guests had an acid-free pen.

    • Neither of us could fit our Hebrew signature into the space provided, so we ended up with both signatures broken up over more than one line.

    • NotFroofy's veil got knocked off, twice.

    • When we went to break the glass at the end, it wouldn't break--NotFroofy and I were doing everything up to and including standing on it for several minutes before NotFroofy finally managed to break it.

    • My sister and my son got into a whipped cream fight at the luncheon following the ceremony. (No, neither of them had been drinking!)

    •The Legal Sea Foods accidentally served a much more expensive champagne than we had agreed to.

    •Two champagne glasses got broken.

    However, after being together for nearly nine years (during most of which time we couldn't legally get married anywhere), we were so thrilled to be married that nothing else mattered.

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  • MysticBride1016
    Super October 2016
    MysticBride1016 ·
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    @mrs goose, I'm dying over those pics! I was thinking she would be cheesing it up, but she legit looks like she's taking model head shots. Too funny!!

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