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What songs are you/did you during your processional?

Nessa, on October 28, 2017 at 3:16 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 10

My wedding planner is asking that we start thinking of our processional music and we're sort of at a a loss. We will have live music instrumentals performed, either by a guitarist or violinist (we are leaning more toward guitar).

we need three songs:


- wedding party

- bride/father of the bride

The planner suggested:

- What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

- Somewhere Over the Rainbow

- "Bridal Chorus" by Wagner

And to be honest, I kinda hate them all. We're looking for something a little more modern but that most of our guest list will be familiar with.

That being said, what are you all choosing? Maybe it'll strike a chord for us (pun intended).


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  • Aly
    Expert June 2018
    Aly ·
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    Yeaaaaah those songs that were recommended are pretty terrible. I am planning to walk down the aisle to "marry me" by train. Swoon! "First day of my life" by bright eyes was also in the running.

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  • Cali_Summersunshine
    Beginner June 2016
    Cali_Summersunshine ·
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    Canon inD Major instrument arrangement for the girls and the guys came in to Darth Vader

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  • Sarah
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    Sarah ·
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    I loved my music! We had the grandparents go to the "main theme" from the notebook, my bridal party went down to a Sam Yung violin/piano instrumental of the song "Army" by Elli Goulding, and I walked down to a piano instrumental Sam Yung cover of "This Love" by Taylor Swift.

    If you have a song you love, see if there's a good instrumental cover for it. We also used a violin instrumental of "All of Me"

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  • Spiff
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    Spiff ·
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    I did an instrumental of a thousand years for the bridal party.. Marry me by train for me and the theme from pirates of the Caribbean for the recessional (we were in Grand Cayman).

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  • mkebride
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    mkebride ·
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    We did an instrumental Jurassic Park by the Piano Guys and then I walked into the Princess Bride theme song by the Vitamin String Quartet

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  • Erika
    Expert November 2017
    Erika ·
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    My bridesmaids are walking in to La Vie En Rose by Louis Armstrong and I'm walking down the aisle to I Want You by Tom Waits. It's one of my fh's favorite songs.

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  • Nessa
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    Nessa ·
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    Thanks all!! I'm going to look some of these up!

    Also thinking it may be a good idea to look at songs from some of our favorite romantic movies.

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  • GardenParty18
    Dedicated April 2018
    GardenParty18 ·
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    My favorite song for the bride is canon in d

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  • Meg
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    Meg ·
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    I got you girl:

    YouTube "Rather Be violin" it's the top one by D-Sharp. It's soooo beautiful and a modern song people know. It's what I'm using. I LOVE how upbeat it is. I think it will make me excited and happy, rather than those somber sad tear jerker songs people often opt for.

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  • Anshea M.
    Dedicated October 2017
    Anshea M. ·
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    I broke my processional into the same groups.

    Grandparents and parents walked to an instrumental of "Can you feel the love tonight." BP's song was a violin instrumental on "Say You Won't Let Go." My Dad and I walked to The Piano Guys" version of "A Thousand Years"

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