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Wedding planning - how did you pick your date?

Kayla, on January 2, 2020 at 8:37 AM

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I'm excited to start planning but my fiance and I can't seem to pick a date. How did you guys pick your dates?
I'm excited to start planning but my fiance and I can't seem to pick a date. How did you guys pick your dates?


  • Will & Tiara
    Super September 2019
    Will & Tiara
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    Since we did a destination wedding, we chose more of an "off peak" season in early May in Miami Beach. But plan on a month of the year that you love. Maybe your first kiss or yearly anniversary or a month that reflects something special for you -- like the day you got engaged. Be mindful also that if you are having guests travel from out of town, cold winter months may be an issue for them. Good luck!

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  • Jessie
    Devoted September 2020
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    After deciding we wanted a warmer month (Buffalo Bride, so we don't get a lot). So we chose June and then it mainly depended on the venue's availability and price. Went with a Friday because it was $3000 cheaper than a Saturday.
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  • Stevie
    Devoted February 2020
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    My FH has awful memory. So I wanted to pick a date that he'll always remember, and fortunately he did remember our "dating anniversary." So to make things easier on him, we agreed on that date. 02.22.2020 which also happened to be on a Saturday. So next weekend we'll be celebrating 7 years of being with each-other along with our wedding day. 馃槝Try not to stress to much of it, another thing we considered was the weather/season (since we live in FL it's always hot). The theme, and tbh if you pick a venue just ask what their availability is.

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  • Kirstin
    Dedicated June 2021
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    We picked a season, then we focused on finding our venue since that was more important to us than our date. Once we found our place, we asked them what weekends were available. That way you don鈥檛 fall in love with a place you can鈥檛 have on a particular date.
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  • Cortney
    Devoted August 2020
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    Teacher fianc茅, had to be summer and we wanted late summer since we got engaged 8/11/19. Only one date that worked for church and the venue, so we picked.
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  • C
    Just Said Yes September 2021
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    We picked September based on a very special family member who got married in September
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