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Wedding insurance and venue protection

Diz, on April 1, 2020 at 11:04 AM Posted in Community Conversations 0 2
Hi, quick question I know that wedding insurance won't cover Covid-19 related activities any longer, but if I had to reschedule my wedding due to Covid, will it cover any new losses due to Covid? For example, my new wedding date is next year, and my wedding venue goes under in between now and then. Can I use wedding insurance for that issue or no because they went under bc of Covid? Just trying to decide if I should get it now.


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  • Molly
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    I don't think they will cover COVID 19 claims if you purchase now.

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  • Amy
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    Hi Dana,

    Have you postponed your May wedding? Or are you waiting to decide?

    Re: wedding insurance, do you have home or auto insurance by chance? This article -- How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost -- mentions that couples should reach out to an insurance company with which they already hold a policy, if possible. The fastest way to find out what they do or do not cover is to ask them directly.

    In case you need any more information, WeddingWire has created resources to help you navigate the ongoing Coronavirus situation: Our COVID-19 Weddings Advice Guide.

    Hope this helps! Smiley heart

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